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A Brief History of Macau Pui Ching Middle School

1. Founding Principles


With more than 130 years of history, Pui Ching Middle School boasts both a respect for tradition and a spirit of inquiry towards knowledge.  We aim to help students develop multiple intelligences, including moral intelligence, academic intelligence, kinesthetic intelligence, interpersonal intelligence, aesthetic intelligence, and spiritual intelligence.  Through various academic and exchange activities, students are able to enjoy a diversified and personalized learning experience.  We provide quality Christian education which aims to foster individuals with compassion, responsibility, international vision, critical thinking abilities, and a sense of global and national identity.


2. Mission


Pui Ching is dedicated to innovations in education and the holistic development of students.  Through constantly improving our school facilities and devoting resources to teacher development, we aim to help students develop intellectually, mentally, physically, emotionally, and socially.  We provide personalized education to help students realize their talents and increase their competitiveness.


3. Features


We are a through-train school with about 3,000 students and provide education from kindergarten to senior high school.  We are devoted to delivering personalized education through diversified curricula.  We aim to improve student abilities and reduce individual differences through small-class teaching.  Graduates have various opportunities for higher education, and we have graduates entering top-ranking universities around the world every year.  We also boast a grade retention rate lower than the average grade retention rate for Macau.


In recent years, we have been systematically reforming our curricula and promoting E-learning and self-learning.  We also encourage students to participate in various regional, national, and international competitions to enrich their learning experience.  To establish a personalized and diversified curriculum system, we collect and analyze various learning data of students.  It has always been the school’s endeavor to impart quality education to students and equip them with the necessary skills to innovate and drive the transition to new ways of thinking and working.


4. History


Pui Ching Middle School was founded in Guangzhou in 1889.  It is the first school in China established by Chinese Christians.  It has achieved continuous growth over its 130 years of history despite various challenges and hardships.  Over the years, it expanded from Guangzhou to Hong Kong and Macao. 


In January of 1938, to escape the war, our school moved from Guangzhou to Macao, marking the beginning of Macao Pui Ching Middle School.  The continuation of our school through the war was in large part thanks to the operation of Macao Pui Ching Middle School.  After the war, Macao Pui Ching Middle School opened its primary school section.  It rebuilt its junior high section in 1947 and opened its senior high section in 1953, completing Pui Ching as a non-profit through-train private school.  Macao Pui Ching Middle School consists of a kindergarten, primary school, and secondary school section and has a student body of over 3,000 and a teaching staff of over 300. 


5. Location


Pui Ching is located in the northern part of the former Lou Lim Ieoc Garden.  The estate, with an area of 7,500 square meters, was sold to Pui Ching in 1952. 


Our school features a range of architectural styles, including the archaic Lou Family House, now the administrative building, as well as modern additions.  The kindergarten section has a children’s playground.  Other outdoor recreation facilities include a basketball court, a volleyball court, a badminton court, and an activities court for rainy days. 


6. Learning Facilities


Pui Ching is equipped with various learning facilities, such as a physics laboratory, a chemistry laboratory, a biology laboratory, computer laboratories, a language laboratory, a religion hall, a band studio, a music studio, a dance studio, a visual arts studio, a gymnasium, a judo studio, etc.  To facilitate the sharing of resources, our library has extended its services to the community, making our library the first secondary school library to be open to the public in Macao.  The whole school is equipped with fiber optics and a wireless network system.


7. Educational Goals


Pui Ching is a grammar school.  While we are a Chinese-medium school, we place strong emphasis on English education.  We follow various non-local curricula that are tailored to meet the needs of local students.  Graduates enter universities in Macao and different parts of the world for further education.


We encourage our teachers to participate in professional development programs and invite experts in related fields to share their experience at our school.  We have had the pleasure of the company of various educational groups visiting us from different parts of the world.


We have always encouraged students to participate in extracurricular activities and various competitions to help them raise interest in learning, develop self-learning abilities, and build confidence.  Not only do many of our students achieve outstanding results in competitions, but they are also selected as representatives of Macao to compete in the international arena. 


Pui Ching is founded on Christian principles and holds bible study classes and weekly gospel meetings.  For extracurricular activities, we organize fellowships, activities for Christian scouts, summer camps, and prayer meetings to give students spiritual support.  We encourage students to do what is right and good in the sight of the Lord and instill in our students the Christian concept of service.  We believe in the potential of each student to become a blessing in the lives of others and make the world a better place. 


8. Alumni


Over its 130 years of history, Pui Ching Middle School has nurtured countless students in Guangzhou, Hong Kong, and Macao.  Today, our alumni are found in different parts of the world and our dozens of alumni associations are found throughout the continents.  The Pui Ching Alumni Association holds celebration events for graduation anniversaries every year and oversees the publication of the school magazine and alumni directories, connecting alumni worldwide.