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Admissions Information2020-01-29

Due to the current epidemic, the schedule for admission will be adjusted according to the regulations of the government and specific circumstances. Please stay tuned for the latest announcement.


Admissions Information:


Central Registration for Kindergartner's First School Admission:


Applications for admission to primary school and junior high school are still processed at our school starting in April. Relevant announcements will be made on our website in late March.

Pui Ching defends two championships in Macau Engineering Challenge2020-01-16

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Our school ’s VEX Robotics Team participated in the 4th Macau Engineering Challenge at the Macau Science Center on January 12.  The competition gathered various contestants from Macao, Hong Kong and Mainland China.  Teams that excel in the competition will be representing Macau in the world championship.  Two senior high school teams (5868A and 5868B) and two junior high school teams (5868C and 5868D) represented Pui Ching in the competition.  


In the qualifying game, each group of students was required to compete with other teams in eight different rounds.  In each game, not only did the contestants need to work with the teammates assigned to them on the spot, but they also needed to handle real-time challenges posed by their opponents.  This put the students’ ability to work under pressure to the ultimate test.  After rounds of fierce competition, Group A, Group B and Group D respectively advanced to the rematch.  In the rematch, the student contestants continued to ride the waves. Group A and Group D defeated various opponents and defended the championship. Group B met with Group A in the finals but lost to Group A due to lack of experience and came in as the first runner-up in the finals. 

Group D was recognized as the team with the best overall performance; it was awarded the Excellence Award, the highest honor in the competition.  The team will be representing Macau in the VEX Robotics World Championship held in April.  Group A was commended on the structural design of their robot and their programming and operation, winning the Design Award and the Robot Skills Champion Award.


The competition not only allowed the students to learn about themselves, but it also gave them an opportunity to train their ability to adjust themselves in the face of challenges and cultivate a spirit of perseverance.

University direct admission rate reaches new high2020-01-15

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In recent years, the National Ministry of Education has significantly raised the percentage of Macau secondary school graduates admissible to Mainland universities through direct admission.  It has also increased the number of fields of study and regions open to students admitted through direct admission, giving graduates more opportunities to enter prestigious universities in the Mainland. 


Pui Ching attaches great importance to the opportunities for university admission in the Mainland. In order to support the development of the country and give students more choices for further studies, before the application period opened for direct admission, the school informed graduating students of the relevant policies and encouraged interested students who met the admission requirements to apply for their subjects of interest.  In addition, alumni studying in the Mainland were invited to return to school to share their university experience so that students can better understand the advantages of studying in the Mainland. This year, a total of 89 Pui Ching students applied for direct admission to universities in the Mainland and nearly 94% have been accepted into prestigious universities, making it a record high compared to previous years.


Pui Ching held a sharing session this morning for students who received offers from Mainland universities. Principal Kou congratulated them on their achievements and encouraged them to cherish the hard-earned opportunity and continue to work hard.


At the sharing session, Pui Ching alumnus Ms. Chao Ut Fai from Tsinghua University, Mr. Wong Chon Ioi from Fudan University, and Ms. Ip Cheng I from Shanghai University of Finance and Economics shared their university experience with the graduating students.  They pointed out the importance of self-discipline, planning and school-life balance in university and encouraged the prospective students that hard work and persistence always pay off.


Pui Ching students win championships in Advanced Table Tennis Competition2020-01-13

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Senior 1D student Mak Tin Ian and Senior 3D student Tao Chong came in as the champions in the Men’s and Women’s Category respectively in the 2020 Macau Advanced Table Tennis Singles Competition.  This is the first time any secondary school in Macau has won the championship in both categories in the competition.  To the right is a picture of Mr. Leong Kin Wa and his two students after the competition.

Students clinch championship in Financial Management Video Making Competition2020-01-11

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Under the guidance of Mr. Ng Ka Meng, Senior 2 students Kuan Ka Kei, Kuan Weng Kei, Chao Si In, and Lei Cheng Tong won the championship with their video “COIN” in the Senior High Category of the Financial Management Video Making Competition organized by the Macau Christian Youth Association.  Junior 3 students Fong Leong U, Lao Hio Lok, Tang Kuong Pou, Ho Ian Tong, and Cheng Lai Man won the second place in the Junior High Category with their “Manager and CEO”.  Junior 3 students Iao Kai Lok, Chan Kuan Wai, Lei Sin Ieong, Pang U Hang, and Im Ka Ian won the third place in the Junior High Category with their “MOP$50 a day challenge”.  Senior 1 students Chao Un I, Chu Ka Chon, and Lao Wai San won the third place in the Senior High Category with their video “Money-smart”.