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Pui Ching students win world rankings in Global Mathematics Coding Competition 20212021-01-16

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Countries and regions that entered for the preliminaries of Global Mathematics Coding Competition 2021 included Singapore, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Macao, the Philippines and Vietnam.  The two contestants from Macao were the first contestants from the Hong Kong and Macao Special Administrative Regions to win world rankings in the competition.  Both were from Pui Ching Middle School: Primary 6A student Lao Hao Ieng won the second place in world ranking and Primary 5B student Mak Chon Hei won the third place in world ranking. 


The GMCC consists of the Senior High Category, Junior High Category, Primary 5 & 6 Category, and the Primary 3 & 4 Category.  The primary school categories involve both individual and group competitions.  After months of training with their instructors in preparation for the competition, student contestants from Pui Ching improved significantly in their coding abilities.  Attached is a list of our award winners. 

Public Security Police Force Women’s Basketball Team visits Pui Ching2021-01-12

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The Macao Public Security Police Force Women’s Basketball Team visited Pui Ching this afternoon and engaged in a friendly match with the Pui Ching Women’s Group A Basketball Team. 


The friendly match took place after school among the cheers of students, teachers and parents.  The Pui Ching Women’s Basketball Team won the match.  Deputy Chief of the Police Force Mr. Leong Heng Hong and Principal of Pui Ching Dr. Kou Kam Fai presented the Best Performing Athlete Award to the best player on both teams. 


Following the match, the Public Security Police Force Women’s Basketball Team engaged in a fun Q&A session with members of the Pui Ching Women’s Basketball Team.  Two police officers shared their experience on the police force and answered many interesting questions from the student athletes. 

Students clinch Group First Prize in Southwest Weiyu Cup English Debate Competition2021-01-12

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The 13th Southwest Weiyu Cup English Debate Invitational Competition was held by Shanghai Southwest Weiyu Middle School.  The Southwest Weiyu Cup English Debate Competition is dedicated to improving students’ English abilities and their higher-order thinking skills.  It is a renowned competition in Shanghai attracting contestants from prestigious schools from all over the country every year.  A total of 22 secondary schools from the country entered for the competition this year.  Student representatives from Pui Ching included Wong Hoi Ian (Senior 3B), Lai Chak Ian (Senior 3B), Lo Ka Ieng (Senior 3D), Ma Ieng Hei (Senior 3D), Fong Oi Cheng (Senior 2D), and Cheng Oi Wa (Senior 1B).  Our team won the Group First Prize, and Senior 3B student Wong Hoi Ian won the Best Debater Award.  Their instructors were Ms. Wong San Hou and Ms. Mou Weng Ian.

Pui Ching Middle School starts cooperation with Guangzhou No. 2 Middle School2021-01-05

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Principal Kou Kam Fai of Macao Pui Ching Middle School, Innovative Technology Director Lao Kun Wa, Director of the China Culture House Chong Chun Fai, and Mr. Un Kuok Chin of the Department of General Knowledge warmly welcomed Party Secretary Mr. Huang Xue Song of Guangzhou No. 2 Middle School and its teachers, who joined us in a tour of our school facilities this morning.  The two schools participated in a contract signing ceremony which signified the beginning of their educational exchanges and collaboration.


Principal Kou had the pleasure of taking guests from Guangzhou No. 2 Middle School on a tour of the various facilities of Pui Ching, including the Pui Ching Creative Souvenirs Vending Machine, the China Culture House, Innovative Science Education House, LEGO Education Solutions Laboratory, the Chemistry Laboratory, and the library.  Director Chong Chun Fai introduced the various exhibits and collections in the China Culture House.  The Innovative Science Education House showcased research in different areas of science, including digital control innovations, metal innovations, woodwork innovations, robotics research, aviation applications and developments, digital arts and design, AR/VR research, robotics training, and underwater robotics.  Students in charge of the respective areas had the pleasure of sharing the fruits of their research with the guests.


During the contract signing ceremony, Principal Kou introduced the development of our school, its education outcomes, special features of our curricula, student learning outcomes, and the outstanding accomplishments of students in further education, competitions and international events.  Secretary Huang of Guangzhou No. 2 Middle School also shared the development of their school, student accomplishments and special features of their curricula, including STEM education and education related to the International Olympiad in Informatics.  The two schools look forward to increased academic and educational exchanges in the future.

Pui Ching students win Gold Award in New Media Creativity Challenge2020-12-30

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The New Media Creativity Challenge in celebration of the anniversary of Macao’s handover to China held its awards ceremony today.  It was organized by the Macao Youth Association and aims to encourage youths to express their sentiments toward the motherland through new media such as our current social media platforms. 


Pui Ching students actively participated in the challenge and came through with flying colors.  Senior 1E student Chio Cheok Weng won the Gold Award in the Films Category (Open Category) .  Senior 3B student Ao Lok Hei won the Bronze Award in the Photographs Category (Open Category).  Their instructor was Mr. Ng Ka Meng.


Primary 6E student Ian Hei won the Silver Award in the Photographs Category (Family Category).  Her instructor was Ms. Lao Wai Man.


Primary 6B student Wu Nok Ian and Primary 2C student Wu Nok Hang won the Silver Award in the Films Category (Family Category).  Their instructor was Ms. Leong Un Peng.