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Student wins Women’s Category C championship in Inter-School Track and Field Competition2019-03-04

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In the 42nd Inter-School Track and Field Competition, Junior 1D student Ms. Lam Lok Si won the championship in record-breaking time in the 100 and 200-meter Women’s Category C Running Competition.  She also won the individual general championship.  Senior 1B student Ms. Leng Ho I came in as the first runner-up in the 100 and 200-meter Women’s Category B Running Competition.  Junior 2A student Ms. Tam Hio I came in as the first runner-up in the Women’s Category C Shot Put Competition.  Primary 6B student Ms. Ip Chin Lam came in as the first runner-up in the Women’s Category D Long Jump Competition. 

Three students conferred honor of Outstanding Student2019-03-01

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The 2017-2018 Outstanding Student Awards Ceremony was held today.  Pui Ching students Ho Man Chun, Lao Seong Hok, and Leong Man Hei entered for the Intel International Science and Engineering Fair 2018 (Intel ISEF) and won the Third Prize and Special Award.

Mr. Ho, Mr. Lao and Mr. Leong designed the Water Quality Control Automatic Apparatus, which can be used in waters of different depths.  The apparatus can also automatically collect various data on the water and detect sources of pollution.

Students clinch championship in Letter to Santa Claus Writing Competition and Electronic Apparatus Design Competition2019-03-01

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The awards ceremony for the 23rd Letter to Santa Claus Writing Competition was held today and Primary 4 student Leong Cheng Lok won the first place in Chinese Category 1.  Cheng Lok recited his award-winning work in the awards ceremony.  The theme of the competition this year was Food Appreciation.

The awards ceremony for the Electronic Apparatus Design Competition was held in the same sitting.  The theme this year was to design an apparatus for projection.  Pui Ching students won 1 first-place award, 2 second-place awards, and 1 third-place award in the Junior High and Senior High Category: 


Senior High Category:

Champions (Senior 2):  Chan Cheok U, Sam Ka Lok, Ieong Un San (Instructor: Chan Ka Kong)

First Runners-Up (Senior 2): Sou Leng Cheok, Hong Chan Leong, Chu Kai Sek (Instructor: Chan Ka Kong)


Junior High Category:

First Runners-Up (Junior 1): Chio Chi Ioi, Pun Choi Man, Tam I Man (Instructor: Chan Kin Hong)

Second Runners-Up (Junior 3): Mok Chi Kin, Cheong Cheng In, Ip Hou Hin (Instructor: Chan Ka Kong)



Mak Tin Ian, Tao Chong came in as champions in Macao Youth Table Tennis Competition2019-02-26

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The 2019 Macao Youth Table Tennis Singles Competition concluded yesterday.  Pui Ching students clinched the championship in both the men’s and women’s category.  

Junior 3C student Mak Tin Ian won the championship in the Men’s Singles, and Senior 2D student Tao Chong won the championship in the Women’s Singles.  Both champions defeated their opponents by 3:0.  Junior 3D student Ng Hei In and Junior 3E student Vong Iek Kan respectively won the Fifth and Sixth Place in the Men’s Singles.  The award winners will be attending the 2nd National Youth Sports Meet in Shanxi this August and September.

Students receive 5 Golds, 7 Silvers, 4 Bronzes in International Biomedical Quiz2019-02-20

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The 2019 International Biomedical Quiz was held in Singapore today.  Students from Pui Ching won 5 Golds, 7 Silvers and 4 Bronzes:


Senior High Category:


Winners of Gold Award: Wu Sio San, Lei I Cheng

Winners of Silver Award: Chao Ut Fai, Ho Nga Chi, Kou Pak Lam, Wong Chi Chon

Winners of Bronze Award: Wong Chon Ioi, Lai Ho Cheng


Junior High Category:


Winners of Gold Award: Fong Chon Hei, Pao Kin Tong, Lou Weng Ka

Winners of Silver Award: Leong Sio Kuan, Un Ion Cheng, Wong Cheng Ka

Winners of Bronze Award: Lei Sam Ieng, Xiang Yi Fan


The theme of the competition this year was Ophthalmology, which concerns the physiological structure of the eye and the cause and treatment of eye disorders.  The subject was challenging for secondary school students, but the contestants worked hard and excelled nonetheless.  Their instructors were Ms. U Weng Ian, Mr. U Kin Pong, and Ms. Io Hio Fai.