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Students win Greater China Finalist Award in 2021 International Mathematical Modeling Challenge2021-06-09

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The Greater China Final Presentation Competition of the 2021 International Mathematical Modeling Challenge (IMMC 2021) was held online from May 14 to 15, 2020.  Over 690 teams from different regions of Greater China participated in the competition; our students stood out from the many teams and became one of the 52 Greater China teams to enter the Final Presentation Competition.  Pui Ching students Wong Nok Kuai, Leong Nga Iat, Ieong Chio Kit and Hoi Weng Cheng received the Finalist Award in the International Round and the Greater China Round.  Lio Ka Ian, Pun Pou Ieng, Chong Io Chong, and Lao Chin Tou received the Finalist Award in the International Round and the First Prize in the Greater China Round. 


Three teams of Pui Ching students won the Second Prize in the International Round.  Three teams won the First Prize and seven teams won the Second Prize in the IMMC autumn contest.  One team won the Finalist Award, two teams won the First Prize, and three teams won the Second Prize in the IMMC winter contest.



Students clinch championship in Category B of Men’s Interschool Soft Volleyball Competition2021-05-23

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Category B of the 2020/2021 Interschool Soft Volleyball Competition was held on May 22 and 23.  Our Men’s Team A (student athletes: Lam Kit Si, Chan Seong Lai, Lei Chon Long, Leong I Seon, Lei Sam Iao, Wong Chon Hin) won the championship in Category B of the Men’s Competition.  Our Men’s Team C (student athletes: Cheng Hou Ieong, Lei Pak Hei, Leong Seng Hei, Chong Chi Hou, Un Tin Long) won the fourth place.


Our Women’s Team A (student athletes: Lao Ho Weng, Ieong Tin Weng, Lao Kit Cheng, Fong Pou I, Kun Hoi Cheng, Chan Seng Ian) won the second place in Category B of the Women’s Finals.


Category A and C of the competition will be held on May 29 and 30 (Saturday and Sunday) in the Bosco College Sports Center.  Parents and students are welcome.

Pui Ching becomes sister schools with Zhucheng No. 1 Middle School of Shandong Province2021-05-21

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Principal Kou Kam Fai visited Shandong Province with the Pui Ching Basketball Team on May 17.  Pui Ching became sister schools with Zhucheng No. 1 Middle School and the two schools engaged in a friendly basketball match.


Teachers and students of Pui Ching received a warm welcome from Zhucheng No. 1 Middle School.  Not only did this visit build a bridge between the education systems of Macao and Shandong, but it also established a platform for exchange in Physical Education.  In the contract signing ceremony on May 18, Principal Wang Yong of Zhucheng No. 1 Middle School and Principal Kou Kam Fai of Pui Ching Middle School exchanged contracts as sister schools, opening a new chapter of cooperation for the two schools


Our teachers and students were also cordially given a tour of our sister school to experience their rich and modern school culture.  In addition, we visited the Temple of Confucius, the Dinosaur Museum, as well as Mount Taishan.  The trip enhanced our understanding of the history and culture of Shandong Province and our country.  Both teachers and students learned a lot.  This trip was sponsored by the Macao Education and Youth Development Bureau in the “Know Thy Homeland; Love Thy Country” Scheme. 


The trip concluded on May 21 and our teachers and students returned to Macao on the same day. 

Pui Ching witnesses highest number of award winners to date in ICBP Science Quiz2021-05-12

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The 42nd ICBP Science Quiz was held in Singapore on February 19, 2021.  This was the first time the quiz was held online.  The competition consisted of the senior and junior category and was conducted in English.  Topics covered Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, and Information Technology.  32 students participated in the competition this year.  Mr. Chan Ka Kong, Ms. Cheong Wai Man, Ms. Leong Ieng Ieng, Mr. Chan Kin Hong, and Ms. Io Hio Fai were the students’ instructors.  The competition concluded with a total of 7 golds, 12 silvers, and 13 bronzes from Pui Ching contestants, including 5 golds, 7 silvers, and 8 bronzes in the Senior Category and 2 golds, 5 silvers, and 5 bronzes in the Junior Category.  The number of our award winners this year has been the greatest since Pui Ching first participated in the competition. 


Award winners are as follows:




Gold Award: Ip Chon Hou, Lam Wang Iok, Un Chon Un, Lei Weng Seong, Lei I Lam (Senior 1)


Silver Award: Wong Tin Iao, Leong Sin Ian, Wong Tan I, Tang Seng Hoi, Iao Kai Lok, Ng Hio Man, Cheng Oi Wa (Senior 1)


Bronze Award: Lio Man Tek, Chio Chi Ian, Chan Lit Kei, Cheong Cheng Peng, Chan Chon Hong, Wong Teng Ieong, Ho Weng Kei (Senior 1), Chu Wai In (Junior 3)




Gold Award: Tong Iok Lam, Ho Ian Wa (Junior 2)


Silver Award: Sou Hoi Cheng, Iong Hou Chin, Chao Chon U, Lao Chit, Leong Pok Hei (Junior 2)


Bronze Award: Wong Lam Wa, Song Lam Hun, Leong Chi U, Tong Kin Leng, Choi Wai In (Junior 2)

Founding ceremony held for Society for Graduating Class of 20282021-05-08

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The founding ceremony for the Society for the Graduating Class of 2028 was held on May 8.  The ceremony proceeded under social-distancing guidelines.


The ceremony started at 10 in the morning.  Principal Kou Kam Fai of Macao Pui Ching Middle School and Mr. Wong Hon Kin, President of Macao Pui Ching Alumni Association both gave a speech to the students at the ceremony following the school anthem.  Mr. Lao Weng Seng, Member of the School Board of Directors and Honorary President of Macao Pui Ching Alumni Association, and Mr. Mok Chi Wai, Member of the School Board of Directors and Chairman of the Macao Pui Ching Alumni Association Assembly, both acted as the officiating guests and presented awards to students, including awards for the Graduating Class Flag Design Competition.  


After the ceremony, students performed the musical “Be the Best Version of Yourself”.  The musical consisted of five Acts and received great feedback from the guests, teachers and students.  The ceremony was broadcast live online.  It concluded in the thunderous applause of the audience.