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Students win Gold Award at Robocup@Home Education 2020-06-29

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Due to the pandemic, Robocup@Home Education 2020 came in the form of an online challenge. After the first round of technical review, our school team won the qualification to participate in the challenge.  The online challenge was held from June 25 to 28, 2020.  Teams came from around the world, showcasing home service robot technologies and their applications, including image recognition, voice control, indoor navigation, automatic obstacle avoidance, etc.

Our school team’s invention employs humanoid identification and tracking functions to enable robots to follow the elderly in their daily walks; it also assists the elderly with heavy objects, reminds them to bring their personal belongings, and helps to monitor their health conditions and seek help when necessary.     

The team also wishes to take this opportunity to promote the development of home service robots.  It is hoped that image recognition can help to integrate robots into our daily lives and enable robots to better understand their surroundings. 

The student inventors won the Open Platform Junior Category Gold Award in the competition.  The award winners included Senior 1 students Mok Chi Kin, Lei In Hei and Sin Ka Chon and Junior 2 student Leong Chi Io.  Below is the link to the students’ demonstration film:



Students win various awards in Post-Reading Reflection Writing Competition 2020-06-06

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The awards ceremony for the 25th Macau Secondary School Post-Reading Reflection Writing Competition was held this afternoon.  Junior 3A student Han Lang won the championship in the Junior High Category with his “My love for my homeland – thoughts after reading The Autobiography of Ba Jin”.  He gave a speech on behalf of the Junior High Category.  Junior 2A student Wong Hou Cheng won the Merit Award in the Junior High Category.  Senior 1C student Tou U Kit came in as the first runner-up in the Senior High Category with her “Thoughts after reading Sophie’s World”.  Senior 2A student Xiang Yifan came in as the second runner-up in the Senior High Category with her “Where time is, I am”.  Senior 1A student Mok Chi Kin, Senior 1B student Lam Teng Kit, Senior 1E student Or Chin Wai, Senior 2D student Chan Hou Chai and Senior 3B student Ho Iok Weng won the Merit Award in the Senior High Category.

Students win first prize in International Year of the Periodic Table of Chemical Elements Art and Design Competition2020-03-01

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Hong Kong's Po Leung Kuk hosted the 2019 International Year of the Periodic Table of Chemical Elements Art and Design Competition. Our students Lo Sin I, Ma Sio Teng, and Ieong Weng Tong won the first prize in the world competition with their work “The Element Hunt”.

Pui Ching defends two championships in Macau Engineering Challenge2020-01-16

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Our school ’s VEX Robotics Team participated in the 4th Macau Engineering Challenge at the Macau Science Center on January 12.  The competition gathered various contestants from Macao, Hong Kong and Mainland China.  Teams that excel in the competition will be representing Macau in the world championship.  Two senior high school teams (5868A and 5868B) and two junior high school teams (5868C and 5868D) represented Pui Ching in the competition.  


In the qualifying game, each group of students was required to compete with other teams in eight different rounds.  In each game, not only did the contestants need to work with the teammates assigned to them on the spot, but they also needed to handle real-time challenges posed by their opponents.  This put the students’ ability to work under pressure to the ultimate test.  After rounds of fierce competition, Group A, Group B and Group D respectively advanced to the rematch.  In the rematch, the student contestants continued to ride the waves. Group A and Group D defeated various opponents and defended the championship. Group B met with Group A in the finals but lost to Group A due to lack of experience and came in as the first runner-up in the finals. 

Group D was recognized as the team with the best overall performance; it was awarded the Excellence Award, the highest honor in the competition.  The team will be representing Macau in the VEX Robotics World Championship held in April.  Group A was commended on the structural design of their robot and their programming and operation, winning the Design Award and the Robot Skills Champion Award.


The competition not only allowed the students to learn about themselves, but it also gave them an opportunity to train their ability to adjust themselves in the face of challenges and cultivate a spirit of perseverance.

Pui Ching students win championships in Advanced Table Tennis Competition2020-01-13

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Senior 1D student Mak Tin Ian and Senior 3D student Tao Chong came in as the champions in the Men’s and Women’s Category respectively in the 2020 Macau Advanced Table Tennis Singles Competition.  This is the first time any secondary school in Macau has won the championship in both categories in the competition.  To the right is a picture of Mr. Leong Kin Wa and his two students after the competition.