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Pui Ching becomes sister schools with Guangya Middle School2019-07-12

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Upon invitation by the Liaison Office of the Central People’s Government in Macao, Pui Ching Middle School of Macao and Guangya Middle School of Guangzhou conducted a contract-signing ceremony in Guangzhou today and became sister schools.  Directors and teachers that participated in the ceremony with Principal Kou Kam Fai and Vice-Principal Chan Keng Lim included Director Lam Kin Pong, Director Wong Kam Fong, Ms. Van Sok Leng, Mr. Wong Chan Lam, Mr. Ku Seng Wai, Mr. Chong Chi Cheng, Ms. Chio Kit U, and Mr. Ieong U Hang. 


Guangya Middle School was founded in 1888 on the principles of breadth of learning and integrity of character.  Guangya boasts a strong faculty, excellent academic results, and a beautiful campus.  Upon arrival, our team was given a warm welcome by teachers and students of Guangya and taken on a tour of the school before the contract-signing ceremony.  At the ceremony, Guangya Principal Ms. Ye Li Lin shared the school’s education principles, direction of development, and curriculum design with us, opening a new chapter in the relationship between the two schools.


Representatives of the two schools proceeded to lunch shortly after the ceremony and furthered their exchange on pedagogical issues.

Pui Ching excels in Award Scheme on Instructional Design2019-06-22

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The 2017/2018 Award Scheme on Instructional Design held by the Macao Education and Youth Affairs Bureau had its awards ceremony this afternoon.  Out of 161 participants, Pui Ching teachers won a total of 17 Distinction awards, 33 First Awards and 17 Second Awards.  


Three Prizes for Active Participation were awarded at the ceremony and Pui Ching teacher Lam Ion was one of the award winners.  Pui Ching had the highest ratio of teacher participation among all schools in this year’s award scheme and received the Active Participation Award.

Pui Ching and Bank of China establish Smart Finance Promotion Center2019-06-05

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To promote smart finance and improve student literacy in economics, Macao Pui Ching Middle School and the Bank of China (Macao Branch) co-established the Smart Finance Promotion Center and launched courses and learning activities related to economics.  The scheme aims to expand student understanding of smart finance in the context of national development. Pui Ching Middle School and the Bank of China (Macao Branch) held the contract-signing ceremony in the school assembly hall this morning. The partnership will establish the Smart Finance Promotion Center within the school.  The sharing session for the Finance is Fun! course series and the awards ceremony for the Smart Finance Innovation Contest were also held today. The Finance is Fun! course series invites banking professionals from the Bank of China to provide students with a systematic curriculum on subjects such as career planning, basic personal finance, developments in smart banking. To promote innovative thinking and deepen understanding of the industry of finance, Pui Ching Middle School and the Bank of China co-hosted the Smart Finance Innovation Contest.  Students received 23 hours of class training in finance in the first stage of the contest and were required to present their own innovative finance scheme to the judges in the form of a case study in the second stage. Senior 1B students Leong Chin Chong, Ho Chon Leong, Ho Hou In, Chao Chon Hei, Lao Meng Chak, Cheong Chi Kin, Wong Kit Hou, Leong Chi Him, Ian Kun Lek, and Hoi I Sam won the championship in the contest with their work Doctor GO.  Senior 1A students Leong Wang Chon, Cheong Sin Mei, Lo Chon In, Wong I Lam, Sin Kuok Wai, Chan Man Hei, Lei Tsz Huen, and Lao Weng Iong won the Second Place with their Children’s Bank.  Senior 1B students Ao Lok Hei, Cheang Hou Ian, Cheang Ka Hou, Lai Ka Hou, Tong Hou, Lao Hou Wang, Kong Sio Hin, Leong Ka Hin and Leong Sio Ao won the Third Place with their MSS Scheme.


Principal Kou Kam Fai expected that the Finance is Fun! course series should improve student understanding of Macao’s economy and system of finance. He extended his gratitude to the Bank of China for its support.  The series of activities throughout the school year enabled students to apply what they learned in the classroom.  It is hoped that the scheme has set a solid foundation for the students’ future career.


Deputy Director Chan Hio Peng of the Bank of China expressed that the Bank has always been dedicated to serving Macao and supporting the education industry of Macao. By co-establishing the Finance is Fun! course series with Pui Ching, the Bank aims to promote financial literacy among the youths of Macao. Deputy Director Chan conveyed his hope to further the Bank’s ties with Pui Ching and contribute to education in Macao.


Pui Ching Middle School and the Bank of China hope to continue to create different learning platforms for students in the future through further cooperation with schools in the Greater Bay Area and various activities in areas such as banking transactions, business literacy, simulated stock exchange, and financial investments.



Secondary school graduation ceremony a success2019-06-02

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The 2018/2019 academic year secondary school graduation ceremony was held at 10:30 this morning in the assembly hall.  Officiating guests included: Deputy Director of the Macao Education and Youth Affairs Bureau Ms. Leong Wai Kei; honorary members of the board of directors of Pui Ching Mr. Sio Chi Wai, Mr. Lei Pui Lam, Mr. Au Chong Kit, and Mr. Wong Hin Fai; members of the board of directors of Pui Ching Mr. Ieong Chon Man, Mr. Ho Kin Chon, Mr. Wong Hon Kin, Mr. Lao Weng Seng, Mr. Chan Tek Fei, Mr. Mok Chi Wai, Mr. Cheng Seng Ip, Mr. Chan Mei Tak, Mr. Chan Peng Cheong, Mr. Cheng Ka Kao, and Mr. Lei Sio Wu; Hong Kong Pui Ching Middle School Principal Ho Lek Kou; and Hong Kong Pui Ching Alumni Association President Mr. Ho Hou Un.


Pui Ching Chancellor Mr. Law Weng Cheong congratulated the 206 graduates at the ceremony for their achievement and being accepted into various esteemed universities around the world, including Peking University, Tsinghua University, Fudan University, UC Berkeley, University of Michigan, etc.  Many students were also exempted from the university entrance exam and offered full scholarships to study at the University of Macao. 


2019 is the 130th anniversary of the founding of Pui Ching Middle School.  Since its establishment, Pui Ching has been dedicated to creating diversified learning experience for its students, in fields such as science and engineering, the humanities and social sciences, sports, the arts, technological innovations, and the area of service.  For three consecutive years since 2017, Pui Ching students have been chosen as representatives for Macao in the Intel International Science and Engineering Fair held in the United States, winning such awards as the Third Prize and the Special Award.  Pui Ching students have also had the opportunity to attend the China finals of the National Economics Challenge and become one of the 20 schools to win the Best Organization Award. 


Deputy Director of the Education and Youth Affairs Bureau Ms. Leong Wai Kei commended Pui Ching on its personalized education, diversified curricula, small-class teaching, systematic curriculum reform, digital learning, autonomous learning, and the various achievements of the students in the international arena.  Director Leong and Principal Kou presented graduation diplomas to the graduates.  The guests of honor then presented various awards and scholarships to the outstanding graduates and award-winners in national and international competitions.  Mr. Law and Principal Kou also presented awards to long-term service staff who have served at Pui Ching for ten. fifteen, twenty, twenty-five, thirty, thirty-five, and forty years respectively.


Valedictorian Ms. Fong Heng Man extended her gratitude for the graduating class to the Macao government, teachers, parents and fellow students for their support, teaching, upbringing, and friendship.     


In conclusion, Principal Kou expressed his gratitude to the Education and Youth Affairs Bureau, the school board of directors, parents, teachers and staff members for their support and hard work.  He encouraged the graduates to follow the path of the Bible and live their life to the fullest.  The ceremony concluded in the school anthem, the joy of the graduates, and the congratulations of family and teachers.



Nobel laureate Dr. Erwin Neher gives speech in Pui Ching2019-05-22

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Pui Ching had the honor of inviting Nobel laureate Dr. Erwin Neher to give a speech to the students during the celebration for the 130th anniversary of the founding of Pui Ching Middle School.  The talk attracted over 400 teachers and students.


Dr. Neher gave a presentation on “Ion Channels: their Discovery and Role in Pharmacology and Biomedicine.”  He shared that he found his research interest when he was a student, studied numerous related research studies and participated in many lab experiments.  The experience he gathered allowed him to discover the functions of ion channels with the help of patch-clamp technology.  The discovery won him the Nobel Prize.


Dr. Neher’s speech attracted many questions from the eager young minds.  He shared with students how to become a good scientist, how to overcome challenges in research, and the prospects of Chinese medicine in Macao.  He believes that to become a good scientist, the key is persistent trial and finding answers through different approaches.  He also encouraged students to find their passion and area of interest.  Student participants in the talk expressed that the event was an invaluable opportunity for them and a mind-opener about research.