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Pui Ching joins hands with CTM to promote smart campus and cultivate ICT talents2024-05-24

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Pui Ching signed a "Smart campus and ICT talent development strategic partnership agreement" with CTM (Macau Telecom) today at the CTM Exhibition Center at the BEYOND International Science and Technology Innovation Expo.

After the signing ceremony, teachers and students toured the BEYOND International Science and Technology Innovation Expo, exploring the booths of cutting-edge technology companies such as CTM and Huawei and gaining in-depth understanding of the latest technologies in different fields.

To promote industry-school collaboration, Pui Ching will be working with CTM to enhance the technological competencies of young ICT talents in Macau.  The cooperation is expected to comprehensively enhance the development of smart campuses, AI+ education as well as network security.

Students excel in RoboCup@Home Education Japan Open2024-05-06

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The RoboCup@Home Education Japan Open was held from April 25 to May 1.  Three teams from our school participated in the event and came through with flying colors.

Members: Chang Wai Pan, Wu Iat Long, Ho Pak Ngai, Chan Keng Lam, Ao Seng Chon, Ip Seng Chit
Rankings: 1st place in the Task Competition, 2nd place in the Creativity Competition, Best Speech Award

Team: BoNanoTech
Members: Chan Seong Lai, Cheong Sio Fong, Mak Chon Hei, Wong Chi Hang, Ng Chong Hei, Ho In Lok
Rankings: 5th place in the Task Competition, 6th place in the Creativity Competition

Team: Nexus
Members: Lai Hou Long, Lei Cheok Kio, U Man Hin
Rankings: 2nd place in the Task Competition, 4th place in the Creativity Competition

Instructors: Lao Kun Wa, Lam Kin Un, Lou Weng Keong

Our contestants will be advancing to the RoboCup@Home Education International Competition to be held in the Netherlands in July.  Congratulations to our young inventors on their remarkable achievements!


Pui Ching receives National Teaching Achievement Award2024-04-26

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Our school's education project has once again received national recognition.  Our instructional program, "An AI Curriculum in Support of National Policies and the Development of the Greater Bay Area,", won the Second Prize in the 2022 National Teaching Achievement Awards Ceremony.   


The Education and Youth Development Bureau of Macao presented the award to our school this morning.  Principal Kou Kam Fai, Vice-Principal Chan Keng Lim, and Director Wu Chon Meng accepted the honor on behalf of our school.

Pui Ching co-organizes AI Education and Technology Exchange Conference2024-04-19

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In celebration of the 135th Anniversary of the founding of Pui Ching Middle School, the “Artificial Intelligence Education and Technology Exchange Conference and RoboCup@Home Friendly Match" was hosted by the China Artificial Intelligence Association and co-organized by Pui Ching Middle School.  Robotics teams, experts, scholars, and industry representatives from various regions and countries such as the Greater Bay Area, Zhejiang, Shanghai, Thailand, and Malaysia gathered together to witness this special event. 


The three-day event included sharing sessions from award-winning robotics teams in the RoboCup@Home Education Competition, workshops offered by industry representatives, and friendly matches with robotics teams from the mainland and overseas.


This year marks the 5th anniversary of the founding of our school's Home Service Robot Research Team.  The opening ceremony of the Artificial Intelligence Education and Technology Exchange Conference featured a video presentation showcasing the research team’s development and the various awards it has won, such as World Championship in the Home Education Category at the 2023 RoboCup World Cup held in France.  Our school has also been awarded the title of “Home Service Robot Research Center” by SoftBank Robotics and Jiaxing Jupiter Robotics.

Pui Ching Dance Team participates in Macao International Fantasy Parade2024-03-24

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The Pui Ching Dance Team participated in the 2024 Macao International Fantasy Parade in celebration of the 25th Anniversary of Macao's handover to mainland China.  80 teams consisting of nearly 1,800 performers from Macao and around the world joined the event. The theme of the parade is 'Love. Peace. Cultural Harmony.’  Mr. Kuok Ka Chon was in charge of the costume and banner design, and with its unique performance, the Pui Ching Dance Team won the Best Creativity Award.