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Students clinch First Prize in Zhuhai, Hong Kong, Macao Youth Robotics Competition2019-05-13

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The Zhuhai, Hong Kong, Macao Youth Robotics Invitational Competition concluded yesterday in Hengqing. Macao Pui Ching Middle School won a total of 1 First Prize, 4 Second Prizes, and 1 Third Prize.  

In addition to winning the First Prize, Senior 2 student Mr. Sou Leng Cheok and his team won the opportunity to attend the Asia Robotics Tournament.


Macao Daily News:

STEM Summit Forum discusses innovative education2018-09-29

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The 2018 STEM and Technological Innovation Education International Summit Forum opened the day before yesterday. The forum aims to promote STEM education and curriculum reform.


The opening ceremony was held at 9:30 on September 27th at the assembly hall of Pui Ching Middle School.  Director Chui Sai Ping of the Macao University of Science and Technology commended Pui Ching for promoting science literacy among youths and expressed hope that the university will work with Pui Ching in the future to create a platform for academic exchange.


Principal Kou Kam Fai pointed out that STEM has been incorporated into the school’s regular curriculum since 2012 and that the school will continue to focus on whole person education and innovation in education.


Vice Chief Secretary Zheng Si Chen of the China Welfare Society Children’s Palace commended Pui Ching for the excellent results its students achieved the previous year in the National Youth STEAM Innovation Exhibition and Exchange Activities. She also expressed gratitude for the amazing turnout among Pui Ching students in this year’s event. She believes that the current forum is conducive to the promotion of STEM education.


The current forum was held in Zhuhai and Macao for two days. The theme was New Angle, New Practice, New Brand.  The Macao forum featured reports on special topics, class observation, class discussion and workshops.  Over 100 specialists shared their research results, research progress, thoughts and experience on STEM.


The success of the forum relied on the cooperation of various fields and will be crucial to the promotion of STEM education in the future.


Spending Chinese New Year with Chinese and local communities in Portugal2018-02-04

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The Pui Ching Dance Team performed in the Happy Spring Festival Gala in Portugal upon invitation by the Chinese Embassy in Portugal and brought traditional Chinese festivities to the local residents and tourists.


This was the second time the Pui Ching Dance Team was invited by the Embassy to go on a 16-day dance tour in Portugal. 


Principal Dr. Kou Kam Fai expressed excitement at the second invitation received by the Pui Ching Dance Team, the only team in Macao invited to perform at this level in Portugal.  The student artists had the opportunity to dance with various professional artists from Mainland China, visit three cities in Portugal, and perform in the local national theatre. 


During their time in Portugal, the student dancers also visited the Chinese Embassy in Portugal, the Macao Economic and Trade Affairs Office in Lisbon, the Oriental Concepts and Chinese Culture Association of Portugal, and Pui Ching’s sister school Escola Secundaria D. Pedro V., among various local attractions.  The trip was not only a chance for the students to showcase their talent, but also a tour of history and culture.  The exchange program is believed to foster talents for future Sino-Portugal economic development.

Pui Ching clinches championship in inter-school basketball match in Women’s Category A2017-02-25

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The inter-school women’s basketball final was held yesterday night.  Pui Ching once fell behind 12 to 2, but after Un Ieng Ieong came on court, Pui Ching scored 20 to 5 in one quarter and defeated Our Lady of Fatima Girls’ School by 41 to 34.  Our Lady of Fatima Girls’ School had been a three-time champion before Pui Ching won the honour.


The story has been covered in Macao Daily:

Pui Ching forges ties with Portugal schools 2017-01-26

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Pui Ching just became the first secondary school in Macao to forge ties with the school association of Das Laranjeiras of Lisbon. Ms. Wai Kei Leong, Chief of the Education and Youth Affairs Bureau, believes this will be conducive to the Portuguese language development of local students and the academic exchange between Macao and Portugal.


After the end of the dance parade in Lisbon, the Pui Ching Dance Team visited Escola Secundaria D. Pedro V today and exchanged dance moves with the local students. At the same time, Pui Ching Middle School entered into a contract with the school association of Das Laranjeiras of Lisbon under the witness of Ms. Tin Lin O, director of the Delegação Económica e Comercial de Macau em Lisboa and Ms. Wai Kei Leong, Chief of the Education and Youth Affairs Bureau of Macao.


Ms. Wai Kei Leong of the Education and Youth Affairs Bureau is hopeful that this sisterhood will diversify the channels through which local students learn the language and culture of Portugal as well as encourage Portuguese students interested in Chinese culture to pursue academic exchange opportunities in Macao. The bond is also expected to facilitate cultural exchange between Macao and Portugal.


Ms. Wai Kei Leong mentioned that in the 2016/ 2017 academic year, a total of 29 private schools in Macao offer Portuguese language courses, attracting enrollment from about 3,800 students. In addition to offering Portuguese language instruction in public schools, the Education and Youth Affairs Bureau also provides much support to private schools in language instruction, including supplying schools with language teachers and providing funding to schools for the recruitment of talents.  To ensure the quality of instruction, Portuguese language courses offered by private schools are required to be no less than 70 class hours long for secondary schools and no less than 60 class hours long for primary schools. 


The Education and Youth Affairs Bureau gives full support to the professional development of Portuguese language teachers and subsidizes the training of Portuguese language teachers and bilingual talents. The bureau is also behind community movements that aim to promote Portuguese language learning outside of higher education.


Language Promotion Center Director Mr. Zang Chi Wong added that Basic Academic Attainment Criteria have been published this year and last year for Portuguese instruction in primary, junior high, and senior high schools. The center will also make revisions to the current textbooks based on the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages. The teaching materials for Primary 1 to 4 have been revised as of today.  Revision for the entire primary school section is expected to be completed by next year, and the revision for the secondary school section will commence in the same year.  The Education and Youth Affairs Bureau is dedicated to providing continual support for the training of current and prospective teachers, the strengthening of ties with Portuguese-speaking countries, the promotion of language learning outside of higher education, and the training of bilingual talents for Macao.


At the end of the exchange activities, the Pui Ching Dance Team attended the opening ceremony for the Happy Spring Festival Around the World Photography Exhibition and had the pleasure of enjoying pictures from last year’s Happy Spring Festival Gala.


Pui Ching Principal Dr. Kam Fai Kou expressed that the cooperation between Pui Ching and Portugal schools is expected to enhance exchange of ideas on school management, teacher-student interaction as well as internet communication, with the promotion of the learning of Portuguese language and culture as the focus at this point. It is also believed that the establishment of ties with Portugal schools will facilitate the development of Macao into an important Trade Cooperation and Human Resources Portal between China and Portuguese-Speaking Countries.


Dr. Kou also mentioned that current Portuguese language instruction takes both the form of formal education and extra-curricular activities at Pui Ching and has attracted about 300 students. Over 10 graduates every year choose to pursue Portuguese-related fields of study in higher education, such as law and translation.  Pui Ching is open to the possibility of extending cooperation with Portugal schools to other districts in Lisbon.


Pui Ching’s cooperation with the school association of Das Laranjeiras of Lisbon has been covered in various newspaper articles: