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Students win championship in the Constitution and Basic Law Promotion Competition2022-04-20

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The 2021 Constitution and Basic Law Promotion Competition was organized by the Education and Youth Development Bureau, the Macau Basic Law Promotion Association, the Macao S.A.R. Legal Affairs Bureau, and the Department of Municipal Affairs. 


Over 40 teams of contestants entered for the competition.  Two teams of students from Pui Ching Middle School participated in the event.  Team A (Our Country and Our Law) consisted of Senior 1 students Si Chou Chon, Wong Cheng Hei, Lao Chi Kuan, Ieong Cheok Ieng, and Cheong Wan Hei.  With the highest score, Team A won the championship.  Their instructors were Director Lao Wai Man, Ms. Hoi Mui Teng, and Ms. Ma Ka Lai. 


Team B (Legal Pioneers) consisted of Wu Un Cho, Cheng Keng, Leong Cheng Long, Chio Chi Lok, and Ng I Chon.  Our Legal Pioneers won the second place in the competition.  Their instructor was Ms. Ng Wai Lei.


Students excel in Macao Youth Table Tennis Singles Competition2022-03-29

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The Macao Youth Table Tennis Singles Competition was held for three days.  Award winners are as follows:


Men’s Category:

Second place: Chan Hin In

Sixth place: Cheong Sio Fong

Eighth place: Kuan Io Seng

Ninth place: Tang Ho Fong

Tenth place: Lam Keng Cheng

Twelfth place: Mak Chi Chong


Women’s Category:

First place: Kuan Cheok Lam

Second place: Cheong Chi Hun

Third place: Lei Man In

Fourth place: Lei Kuai Wai

Seventh place: Choi Ka Ian

Eighth place: Leong Hoi Cheng

Ninth place: Sou Chi Ieng

Twelfth place: Lao Chi Ieng

Thirteenth place: Choi Ka Iao

Fourteenth place: Tam Man Cheng

Students win five championships in Inter-School Table Tennis Singles Competition2022-03-20

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The Men’s and Women’s Category A and Category B finals for the 45th Inter-School Table Tennis Singles Competition were held on March 15th.  Pui Ching students won one championship, one second place, and three third places.    Award-winners are as follows:


Men’s Category A:

Second place: Mak Tin Ian

Third place: Wong Iek Kan

Fourth place: Cheong Chon Hin

Fifth place: Lei Tak In


Men’s Category B:

Third place: Ieong Man Cheng

Sixth place: Fok Chin Chong


Women’s Category B:

First place: Lei Kuai Wai

Third place: Chan Si Cheng


The finals for the Men’s and Women’s Category C, D, and E competitions were held on the 20th.  Our students won four championships, six second places, four third places, and two fourth places.  Award-winners are as follows:


Men’s Category C:

Second place: Chan Hin In

Fourth place: Cheong Sio Fong



Women’s Category C:

Championship: Lei Man In

Second place: Cheong Chi Hun

Third place: Tam Man Cheng


Men’s Category D:

Second place: Kuan Io Seng

Third place: Lam Chi Ieong


Women’s Category D:

Championship: Lao Chi Ieng

Second place: Kou Pui Ka

Third place: Leong Hoi Cheng

Fourth place: Choi Ka Ian


Men’s Category E:

Championship: Wan Teng Hou

Second place: Mak Chi Chon

Sixth place: Leong Cheok Nok


Women’s Category E:

Championship: Lo Hoi I

Second place: Cheong Chan Hei

Third place: Leong Lok Ian




Students excel in the Macao-Wide English Essay Competition2022-03-15

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The 2021 Macao-Wide English Essay Competition (MEEC) held its award ceremony on last Saturday afternoon (12th March). The theme of the writing competition was “The Change I Want to Make”. The event, which attracted over 1,600 student contestants from 53 schools in Macao, aimed to encourage student writers to envision a more sustainable future in 2030 by exploring the 17 Sustainable Development Goals established by the United Nations.

Award winners of our school are as follows:
High School Category:
S4F Wu In Su (Third Prize) Instructors: Michael Wong
S4B Fong Iao Nam (Honorable Mention) Instructors: Rachel Tou

Middle School Category:
S3A Lao Chit Bryan (Third Prize) Instructors: Gisele Ng
S3F Wong In Seong (Third Prize) Instructors: Candy Siu

Congratulations to our young writers!

More than 600 students participate in Vaccination Day2022-03-14

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To lower the risk of a possible outbreak of the pandemic and to protect the health of children and youths, the Health Bureau has organized a special vaccination session at the schools, providing vaccination to school children aged 3 or above.  Over 600 students participated in the event.


If anyone could not attend the group vaccination, parents could choose other venues and dates for their children to be vaccinated.  It takes the body at least two weeks to produce antibodies after the vaccination.  The Health Bureau advises that parents should have their children aged 3 or above vaccinated as soon as possible.