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Secondary school dance team performs on Open Day for China troops stationed in Macao2019-04-30

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The Pui Ching Secondary School Dance Team was invited to perform for the 16th Military Camp Open Day for the China People’s Liberation Army stationed in Macao.  Their dance “Secrets of the Heart” won the Distinction Award in the 39th Inter-School Dance Competition.

Pupils win awards in Gomoku Game Open Tournament2019-04-29

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Pui Ching pupils attended the 2019 Macao Gomoku Game Open Tournament cum 1st Bodhi Garden Gomoku Game Championship yesterday.  The tournament attracted over 140 contestants from Japan, Thailand, Mainland China and Macao S.A.R.  Award winners included


Lower Primary Category:

Champion: Wong Ho Cheng (Primary 3)

First runner-up: Mak Chon Hei (Primary 3)

Second runner-up: Chio Chon Fong (Primary 3)

Fourth place: Cheang Ho Tsun (Primary 3)

Fifth place: Hong Heng Chun (Primary 3)

Sixth place: Choi Chi Lok (Primary 1)


Upper Primary Category:

Fifth place: Iao Ut Hin (Primary 4)


Youth Catetory:

Fifth place: Lam Pak Hong (Primary 5)


Professional Category:

First runner-up: Lao Si Man (Teacher)


Primary School Dance Team won Distinction Award and Creativity Award2019-04-28

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The Pui Ching Primary School Dance Team attended the 39th Inter-School Dance Competition and won the Distinction Award (the highest award) and the Creativity Award with its performance “Embrace the Future”.

Students clinch championship in Soft Volleyball Competition2019-04-28

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Thanks to the hard work of the coach and team members, the Pui Ching Volleyball Team won the championship in all categories in the 2018/2019 Soft Volleyball Inter-School Competition:  


Men’s Category A: Gold, Silver

Men’s Category B: Gold, Silver, Bronze

Men’s Category C: Gold

Women’s Category A: Gold

Women’s Category B: Gold

Women’s Category C: Gold

Secondary School Dance Team wins Distinction Award2019-04-27

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The 39th Inter-School Dance Competition was held today.  The Pui Ching Secondary School Dance Team won the Distinction Award (the highest award) with its Tibetan dance “Secrets of the Heart”.