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Students excel in World Robot Olympiad2021-07-28

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The 2021 World Robot Olympiad Macao Regional Contest was held on July 24 and 25.  The competition attracted over 600 student contestants (224 teams) from 26 secondary and primary schools in Macao.  Students from Pui Ching won the greatest number of awards among all schools. 

Students clinch two distinction awards, one merit award and one creativity award in Interschool Dance Contest2021-07-18

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The 40th Interschool Dance Contest was held yesterday and today at the University of Macau.


Two teams from Pui Ching participated in the secondary school category of the contest.  Team A won the distinction award, the highest award, with their dance, The Argun.  Team B won the merit award with their dance, The Ocean Is My Home. 


In the primary school category, our students danced The Drunken Dragon and won the creativity award and the distinction award, the highest award.

Student contestants win championships in Primary and Junior High Category of MathConceptition 20212021-07-09

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MathConceptition 2021 was hosted by MathConcept Education.  To avoid the gathering of crowds, MathConcept Education canceled the Macao Region awards ceremony.  Awards were presented in the students’ home schools. 


MathConceptition 2021 gathered math enthusiasts of different grade levels from Hong Kong, Macao, Guangzhou, Canada, and Singapore.  The individual competition consists of eleven levels: three levels in the Junior High Category, six levels in the Primary School Category, and two levels in the Kindergarten Category.  The interschool competition comprises the Junior High Category and the Primary School Category.  Group awards were awarded according to grade level.


Pui Ching students won a total of 5 championships, 4 second places, and 5 third places in the individual competition.  They received a total of 61 gold awards, 53 silver awards, and 53 bronze awards.  In the interschool competition, Macao Pui Ching Middle School won the grand championship in both the Primary School Category and the Junior High Category! 


Awards in Junior High Category of interschool competition:

Junior 3 group championship, Junior 2 group second place


Awards in Primary School Category of interschool competition:

Primary 6 group championship, Primary 4 group championship, Primary 3 group championship, Primary 2 group championship, Primary 5 group second place


Winners of the individual championship:

Wong Hou Cheng (Junior 3), Lam Pok Hong (Junior 1), Lao Chon Hang (Primary 4), Ho In Hei (Primary 2), Lao Chuk Lam (Kindergarten 3)


Winners of the individual second place:

Si Ian Meng (Junior 2), Ho In Lok (Primary 5), Fong Pak Tong (Primary 4), Wong U Pan (Primary 3)


Winners of the individual third place:

Leong Cheng Long (Junior 3), Leong Ka Hou (Junior 2), Ng Iek Hin (Primary 6), U Chi Lok (Primary 3), Lei Tak In (Primary 1)


Students excel in interschool science competitions2021-06-30

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The awards ceremonies for various interschool science competitions in 2021 were canceled due to the pandemic.  A small awards ceremony was held at our school assembly hall today at noon to recognize the accomplishments of our students.  A total of 88 students received awards in four competitions, including the Competition for the Development of the Innovative Potential of Young People, the Macao Youth Interschool Innovation Challenge Competition, the Macao Regional Competition of the 19th National Primary and Secondary School Information Technology Innovation Challenge, and the Macau Youth Robotics Competition.  Please follow the link below for a list of our award winners.

Three teams clinch championship in RoboCup@Home Education2021-06-28

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RoboCup@Home Education is a competition that aims to promote research on home service robots.  It attracts contestants from different parts of the world every year.  Three teams from Pui Ching joined the competition this year.  Contestants are as follows:


Category: The Open Category

Team: The Essence of the Grey Region

Members: Lei In Hei, Mok Chi Kin, Sin Ka Chon, Leong Chi Io


Category: The Youth Category

Team: Try Forever

Members: Wong Pou Weng, Lei Sam Un, Ieong Chi Ham, Hon Pok Man, Kuan Su Meng, Ng Hang Chi, Ng U Hin, Wu Cheok Hin, Wong Chi In


Category: The Youth Category


Members: Che Hoi Cheng, Gong Si Nga, Chan Ka I, Kuan Man U, Leong Hou


All teams entered the finals.  They presented and answered questions about their robots online in real time on June 27, 2021.  The Essence of the Grey Region won the world championship in the Open Category.  All other teams participating in the Open Category were university students around the world.  This is the third year that The Essence of the Grey Region has participated in this competition.  The team was the champion in the Youth Category in both 2019 and 2020.  It further challenged itself this year by joining the Open Category, winning the championship for the third year.  The Essence of the Grey Region was the only secondary school team to compete in the Open Category. 


All our contestants in the Youth Category were junior high students and first-time participants in the competition.  Try Forever won the world’s second place.  PC FBOT’s robot malfunctioned during the competition, but the team managed to repair it on the spot.  Although the team failed to put forth the best presentation in the end because of time limits, it was nonetheless a valuable learning experience for the students.