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Dance Team performs in Happy Spring Festival Gala in Lisbon2017-01-23

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The Pui Ching Middle School Dance Team arrived in Lisbon, Portugal and performed in parades on local streets. The team captured the audience with its rhythm and beat and won cheers from many.  The local Chinese community commended the students on their graceful dance moves and traditional Chinese dance styles and expressed interest in visiting Macao one day.


Invited by the Consulate General of China in Portugal, the Pui Ching Dance Team attended the annual Happy Spring Festival Gala. The dance team attended the event with Education Bureau Chief Ms. Wai Kei Leong, Language Promotion Center Director Mr. Zang Chi Wong, Pui Ching Middle School Principal Dr. Kam Fai Kou and Vice-Principal Mr. Keng Man Kuok.  Upon arrival, students visited various local attractions including Our Lady of Fatima Church, the Padriao dos Descobrimentos and the Liston Cathedral and learned about the local history and culture.  The dance team engaged in their final rehearsal after the tour and attracted much applause from onlookers.


The dance parade began with the 20-member Tibetan group dance “A Weaver on the Horizon”, which re-enacted scenes from the Tibetan folklore where Lady Lianzhi taught local Tibetan girls to weave and helped to change life for the better.  At the Martim Moniz Square, our dance team put on performances including “Why Flowers are so Red”, “The Foot-Stomping Song”, “Feminine Grace”, and “Yibandu”.  Among these, the Han dance “Feminine Grace” was brought alive on stage with famous Macao Zitherist and teacher of the School of Music at the Conservatory of Macao Ms. Tek Ka Leong. 


After the parade, the team joined the organizer at dinner and was invited to an impromptu dance on stage. The team once again captured the audience with its marvelous performance and won many cheers.


The 2017 Happy Spring Festival Gala in Portugal was jointly hosted by the Consulate General of China in Portugal, the Lisbon government, the Porto government, and the Portimao government. The event showcased cultural performances and exhibitions as well as photography exhibitions.  It aims to bring Chinese New Year festivities to the local Chinese community and promote cultural ties between China and Portugal.  The dance team is to continue its performance on stage the next day.


The grand event has been covered in various newspaper articles:

Pui Ching students raise more than five hundred thousand to aid African orphans2015-12-19

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Pui Ching Middle School, Macau, organized a musical charity show titled "A Dream of One, A Heart for Thousands” on 18 December, 2015 at 20:00 in the school auditorium. About 80 students including those in the school’s concert band participated in this meaningful event. The performance raised MOP 500,000, an amount which will be entrusted to Watoto Child Care Ministries. The donation is to aid thousands of orphans and women in Uganda in the fight against poverty and in the acquisition of skills so that they can become leaders and rebuild their country.  Mr Sunny Cheng, the Country Director, Mr Nsubuga Frank and Ms Asianzu Comfort, the Choir leaders of Watoto Children’s Choir No.74, and Ms Atim Vivian, one of the choir members,accepted the donations by cheque and thanked Pui Ching students for their kindness.


Dr Kou Kam Fai, Principal of Pui Ching Middle School, expressed gratitude towards donors from all walks of life, parents, and teachers for supporting Pui Ching students in this charitable event. He stated that children are vulnerable, not to mention orphans, and as the Bible says “Love one another as you love yourself”, he sincerely wished that through this donation, children in Macau would see how blessed they are and that each of them can contribute a little to make the world a better place to live in.     


Raising more than MOP 700,000 to aid education in China on 18 December in 2014, Pui Ching students once again used music and love to express their care and support. After nearly a year of preparation, over 100 students and teachers participated in the front and back-stage work. There was much singing and dancing in the drama and the production was based on the well-known story taken from the book of Genesis, 'Joseph, King of Dreams', which centers on the life of Joseph, a child prodigy gifted at interpreting dreams. All participants from the primary and secondary school performed whole-heartedly with the Watoto Kids, knowing that God will never forsake anyone and that He has a purpose for all of mankind.