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Macao Pui Ching Middle School Opening New Campus in 2024/2025 Academic Year2023-10-05

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Student invited to training program at Chinese Academy of Sciences2023-09-20

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Our Senior 2 student Ho Ian Wa won the Science Innovation Award at the 37th National Youth Science and Technology Innovation Competition. Furthermore, she was invited to a one-year Life Science Follow-Up Training Program offered by experts from the Institute of Genetics and Developmental Biology of the Chinese Academy of Sciences.  During this program, she will have the opportunity to engage with top scholars in the field in exchange and learning activities.


Ms. Ho was a representative of Macao in the 37th National Youth Science and Technology Innovation Competition held in Wuhan in mid-August.  She won various awards with her project titled "Supramolecular Aggregation and Fusion Targeting Acidic Vesicles," including the First Prize, the Science Innovation Award, and the Youth Science and Technology Innovation Special Award from Huazhong Agricultural University.


Principal Kou attends opening ceremony for new academic year at Tsinghua University2023-08-24

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Principal Kou Kam Fai was invited to the opening ceremony for the new academic year at Tsinghua University this morning and participated in a seminar on discovering and developing innovative talents in students.  Dr. Kou also had the opportunity to exchange ideas with principals from various secondary schools, gaining valuable insights from the experience of educators from across the country.

Pui Ching students win acclaim in Traditional Chinese Music Festival hosted by Guangdong TV2023-08-22

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The Traditional Chinese Music Festival organized by Guangdong TV was held from August 18th to 20th.


Guangdong TV invited Pui Ching student Long Chi Lam to sing and play the guqin, a plucked seven-stringed Chinese musical instrument, in the opening ceremony of the music festival.  Also performing with Chi Lam were his fellow students, Chan Chi Him, captain of the Chinese Zither Ensemble, and Leong Chi Ut, a member of the Guqin Ensemble, as well as talented young musicians of traditional Chinese music from the Greater Bay Area.


Our student musicians received high praise for their performance in the event.  Chi Lam was conferred the title “Ambassador of the Traditional Chinese Music Festival” and was the only ambassador at the event.  Chi Him and Chi Ut were both conferred the title “Guardian of Traditional Chinese Music”.


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Pui Ching students win championship in RoboRAVE Macao Regional Competition2023-08-19

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The 2023 RoboRAVE Macao Regional Competition hosted by the RoboRAVE International Robotics Education Program was held on August 16 at the Macao Science Center.  Twenty-four students from Pui Ching Primary School joined the competition in 11 teams.  Our students performed exceptionally in the quarterfinals, semifinals, and finals of the Super Line Following Challenge, winning the championship, second place, third place as well as three merit awards for the top eight contesting teams.  All award winners will be representing Macao in RoboRAVE Asia 2024.