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Fudan University China Economics and Finance Summer Camp plants seeds for career plans2023-08-19

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Our students participated in the 2023 Fudan University China Economics and Finance Summer Camp from July 17 to 21.  Over 100 high school students from across the country attended the five academic lectures held at the Fudan School of Economics.  Professors and lecturers from Fudan University gave lectures on topics such as international trade, China’s finance, Chinese history, and tax engineering.  The event sparked student interest in economics and finance and planted seeds for their future career plans.

Pui Ching Orchestra won Most Promising Ensemble Award in GSF Youth Orchestra Festival 2023-08-10

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Twenty-nine students from the Pui Ching Secondary School Orchestra traveled to Singapore with their instructor Mr. Tou Long Meng and music teacher Mr. Leong Chi Lam to participate in the 1st GSF Youth Orchestra Festival jointly organized by the Global Strings Federation and the Yong Siew Toh Conservatory of Music of the National University of Singapore.  The event attracted young musicians from Singapore, Macao, Taipei, Malaysia, Brunei, Thailand, among other areas.


In the eight-day event, the Pui Ching Orchestra performed in a number of concerts, including the opening concert, a large-scale outdoor concert, a showcase performance, and the closing concert for the combined orchestras.  During the showcase performance, our school orchestra won the Most Promising Ensemble Award with its performance of Tchaikovsky's Serenade for Strings.  Congratulations to our young musicians!


Pui Ching teachers and students engage in Learning Activities in Arctic Svalbard Isles2023-08-01

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The Polar Research Institute of Hong Kong and Pui Ching Middle School organized Learning Activities in the Arctic Svalbard Isles for our students.  The program gave 34 teachers and students from Hong Kong and Macao Pui Ching Middle and Primary School an unforgettable experience in the Arctic Isles. 


Twelve students from Secondary 1 to 5 from Macao Pui Ching Middle School participated in the program under the supervision of Vice-Principal Kuok Keng Man and Ms. Chao Wai Sam.  During the trip, students worked in groups to study topics such as ocean pollution, meteorology and ecology, topography, biological distribution, biodiversity, and human geography.  Research in the Arctic not only broadened our students’ horizons, but it also inspired their sense of responsibility in protecting our planet against climate change. 


Pui Ching welcomes visiting teachers and students from Guizhou2023-07-27

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The Guizhou Education and International Exchange Association organized an exchange activity in which 109 teachers and students from various schools in Guiyang visited our school on July 24 to engage in cultural and academic exchange.  Following a warm welcome from Vice-Principal Chan Keng Lim and other school administrators, our guests had a tour of the school, visiting the school assembly hall, gymnasium, China Culture House, the Innovative Technology Education Center, the Lego Room, the Environmental Science Laboratory, and other facilities.  The visit gave our guests an opportunity to engage with our students and teachers.  It also allowed Pui Ching and the visiting schools to learn more about each other’s teaching practices and culture, promoting educational exchange between Guizhou and Macao.   

Student contestants win world championship in RoboCup 2023 2023-07-21

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RoboCup is an international annual competition for autonomous domestic service robots. The competition was held in Bordeaux, France this year.  One team of contestants from Macao Pui Ching Middle School won the world championship in the RoboCup@Home Education Challenge!


RoboCup is one of the largest AI and robots competitions in the world.  The event this year attracted over 15,000 contestants, including 2,500 college and secondary school students from 45 countries.  Both teams from our school came through with flying colors.  Our award winners are as follows:


Team: Trying Forever

Members: Ng Hang Chi, Ng U Hin, Ieong Chi Ham, Kuan Su Meng

World Ranking: No. 1



Members: Tsang Wai Pan, Chan Keng Lam, Wu Iat Long, Ho Pak Ngai, Wu Nok Ian, Leong Chi Mei

World Ranking: No. 3

Awards: Best Film Award, Best Paper Award


Instructors: Lao Kun Wa, Lam Kin Un


Many congratulations to our award winners!