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Kindergarten graduation ceremony concludes in student musical 2023-07-01

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The 2022 kindergarten graduation ceremony was held in the school assembly hall this morning.  168 graduates received their graduation diplomas and awards in the witness of teachers, parents, and guests.


Pui Ching students Ip Iek Hei, Ieong Si Weng, and Tsang Sin I shared their journeys at Pui Ching, which started with them as kindergarten students, and they extended their gratitude to teachers and parents for their support, love and guidance along the way.


The graduates put on a musical at the end of the graduation ceremony to express their appreciation to their loved ones for having been there for them every step of the way.  They also gave handmade thank-you cards to their parents, and the ceremony concluded in the laughter and congratulations of friends and family. 


Students win highest award in Shanghai Mathematical Modeling Challenge 2023-06-22

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The 5th Shanghai Inter-School Mathematical Modeling Challenge concluded on May 28th at the Shanghai Experimental School.

The competition lasted for three months and attracted 370 teams from 12 provinces, cities, and special administrative regions, including Shanghai, Beijing, Jilin, Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Fujian, Henan, Sichuan, Guizhou, Guangdong, Macau, and Hong Kong.

60 teams successfully entered the poster exhibition round of the competition, and 20 teams entered the final thesis defense.  Pui Ching students Leong Ka Hou, Si Ian Meng, Che Ka Kuan, and Wong Kin Seng advanced to both the poster exhibition and thesis defense round with their paper “In exploration of board game rules with mathematical modeling”.  They attended the final thesis defense in the Shanghai Experimental School, ultimately winning the Outstanding Winner Award, the highest award in the Senior High Category. 

A total of 10 teams from Pui Ching were awarded in this year’s Mathematical Modeling Challenge.  One team won the Outstanding Winner Award, two teams won the Second Award, and seven teams won the Successful Participant Award.



Our Primary 3 Advanced English Class Goes on a Field Trip to Studio City2023-06-21

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Today our Primary 3 Advanced English Class had an exciting day exploring Studio City's indoor and outdoor water park. The students had the opportunity to participate in a variety of activities, including a guided tour of the Super Fun Zone indoor playground and an English-language tour of the park.

During the tour, the students learned about the various attractions and rides at the water park, as well as the importance of safety rules and regulations. The Super Fun Zone indoor playground was a particular highlight, as the students were able to explore the different play areas and learn new related vocabulary!

Our students also had the chance to learn about the hospitality industry by visiting the hotel's rooms. This experience allowed the students to gain a deeper understanding of how hotels operate and the different roles and responsibilities of the hotel staff.

Overall, the field trip was a fun and educational experience for our students, giving them the opportunity to practise their English skills in a real-world setting and learn more about the world around them. We would like to thank Studio City for hosting us and providing such a wonderful learning opportunity for our students.

Small Car Racing Training Program diversifies education 2023-06-02

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To cultivate young talents, diversify education, and further promote motorsports, our school launched the Pui Ching Middle School Small Car Racing Training Program.  The opening ceremony for the program was held this morning in the school assembly hall. 

During the opening ceremony, guests, teachers, and students watched a short video about the experience of small car racing produced by the General Automobile Association of Macao and a microfilm about small car racing produced by Pui Ching Films and the Pui Ching Performing Arts Studio.

Principal Kou Kam Fai pointed out in his speech that the Macau Grand Prix is an important part of Macau's history. The small car racing training program aims to help students acquire knowledge and skills related to standard car racing, discover their potential in motorsports, and cultivate their moral character.  It is also hoped that the program will promote interest among young talents to participate in Macao’s motorsports events.     


Senior high graduation ceremony concludes in blessings of parents and teachers2023-06-01

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The senior high graduation ceremony for the 2022-2023 academic year was held today at the school assembly hall.  214 graduates attended the ceremony in the witness of principals, teachers, parents, and alumni. 

A total of 98 graduates have received direct admission to 40 universities in mainland China this academic year.  67 graduates have received direct admission to universities in Macao; 41 have been directly admitted to the University of Macao on scholarship.  To date, over 30 students have received either conditional or unconditional offers from the top 50 universities in the world according to the Times Higher Education world university rankings.  Many graduates have also achieved outstanding results in various regional and international competitions.  Congratulations to our students!