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Senior high graduation ceremony marks new beginning of students’ journey2021-06-01

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In accordance with regulations from the Health Bureau, the 2020/2021 Pui Ching Senior High Graduation Ceremony was held in two sessions today (at 12pm and 4pm) at the school assembly hall.  A total of 226 students graduated this year.  Principals, directors, teachers, and parents gathered to witness this precious moment for our graduates.


School Chancellor Dr. Lo Veng Cheong, who was in Hong Kong, gave his commencement speech through video to the graduating class.  He extended his heartfelt congratulations to the graduates and sincere gratitude for the continuous support of the parents.


Dr. Lo commended the graduates for their many achievements.  Pui Ching has long boasted a university entry rate of 100%.  This year, 110 graduates have been awarded direct entry into 43 universities in the mainland.  More than 40 students have been awarded direct entry into universities in Macao.  7 students have received scholarships from the Macao Foundation to continue their studies in Portugal.  20 students to date have received admission offers or conditional offers from the top 50 universities according to Times Higher Education.  Despite the pandemic, many students and teachers continued to participate in various regional and international competitions online this year and achieved outstanding results.  Dr. Lo encouraged the graduates to continue their hard work and become blessings in the lives of others.


Principal Dr. Kou Kam Fai presented the graduation certificate to the graduates, and the officiating guests presented the awards and scholarships.  The valedictorians for the two sessions of the graduation ceremony were Jeremy Hu and Lo Ka Ieng.  They expressed their gratitude for the support of the Macao S.A.R. government, teachers, parents as well as classmates.  Principal Kou also presented long-service awards to the teaching and non-teaching staff. 


Principal Kou mentioned in his speech that our graduates this year were born at the time of the outbreak of SARS and are now experiencing the impact of Covid19; he conveyed hope that every graduate have a grateful heart, stand strong in this trying time, and go on to build an abundant life.  The graduation ceremony concluded in the school anthem and the blessings of the graduates’ loved ones. 

Pui Ching students attend international conference and publish paper in Journal of Physics2021-05-27

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Under the guidance of their instructors Dr. Min Hao Nian and Mr. Leong Pui Chan, Senior 2 students Fong Su and Leong Pok Kei published their paper after attending an international conference.  Mr. Fong and Mr. Leong attended the 3rd International Conference on Numerical Modeling in Engineering.  Their paper “Modeling and analysis of spring-loaded double parallelogram mechanism using moment balance” was subsequently published in the Journal of Physics: Conference Series.  The article is now indexed in Ei Compendex. 


The 3rd International Conference on Numerical Modeling in Engineering was held by Ghent University, a comprehensive university that has been ranked No. 1 in Belgium and among the top 100 universities in the world.  Professor Magd Abdel Wahab of Laboratory Soete was the chairman of the conference.  Ei Compendex is the broadest and most complete engineering literature database available in the world.  It provides a holistic and global view of peer reviewed and indexed publications.  

Pui Ching and Share Media Co. Ltd. jointly found study program2021-05-25

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Macau Pui Ching Middle School and Share Media Co. Ltd. held a contract signing ceremony and a lecture in the school assembly hall this morning to found a joint study program.


Vice-Principal Mr. Kuok Keng Man and General Manager of Share Media Co. Ltd. Ms. Dong Shi signed the contract on behalf of the program.  Ms. Dong Shi gave a lecture to the Senior 1 and Senior 2 students respectively on “Playing with new media in Generation Z” and introduced how to operate and market four popular new media platforms, including Weibo, Xiaohongshu, Tik Tok and Baidu.  Lastly, Ms. Dong briefly explained different positions in the new media industry, such as planning, coordinating, copywriting, broadcasting, directing, editing, optimizing, etc., giving students an understanding of the diverse facets of the industry.


Share Media Co. Ltd. is a new media service provider that aims to provide industry talents with a platform to fulfill their dreams.  Through the joint study program, Share Media will be providing students with guidance on video production and social platform marketing.  Together, Pui Ching and Share Media aim to improve students’ new media literacy and ultimately produce talents in the industry for Macau and the Great Bay Area. 

Pui Ching becomes sister schools with Zhucheng No. 1 Middle School of Shandong Province2021-05-21

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Principal Kou Kam Fai visited Shandong Province with the Pui Ching Basketball Team on May 17.  Pui Ching became sister schools with Zhucheng No. 1 Middle School and the two schools engaged in a friendly basketball match.


Teachers and students of Pui Ching received a warm welcome from Zhucheng No. 1 Middle School.  Not only did this visit build a bridge between the education systems of Macao and Shandong, but it also established a platform for exchange in Physical Education.  In the contract signing ceremony on May 18, Principal Wang Yong of Zhucheng No. 1 Middle School and Principal Kou Kam Fai of Pui Ching Middle School exchanged contracts as sister schools, opening a new chapter of cooperation for the two schools


Our teachers and students were also cordially given a tour of our sister school to experience their rich and modern school culture.  In addition, we visited the Temple of Confucius, the Dinosaur Museum, as well as Mount Taishan.  The trip enhanced our understanding of the history and culture of Shandong Province and our country.  Both teachers and students learned a lot.  This trip was sponsored by the Macao Education and Youth Development Bureau in the “Know Thy Homeland; Love Thy Country” Scheme. 


The trip concluded on May 21 and our teachers and students returned to Macao on the same day. 

Founding ceremony held for Society for Graduating Class of 20282021-05-08

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The founding ceremony for the Society for the Graduating Class of 2028 was held on May 8.  The ceremony proceeded under social-distancing guidelines.


The ceremony started at 10 in the morning.  Principal Kou Kam Fai of Macao Pui Ching Middle School and Mr. Wong Hon Kin, President of Macao Pui Ching Alumni Association both gave a speech to the students at the ceremony following the school anthem.  Mr. Lao Weng Seng, Member of the School Board of Directors and Honorary President of Macao Pui Ching Alumni Association, and Mr. Mok Chi Wai, Member of the School Board of Directors and Chairman of the Macao Pui Ching Alumni Association Assembly, both acted as the officiating guests and presented awards to students, including awards for the Graduating Class Flag Design Competition.  


After the ceremony, students performed the musical “Be the Best Version of Yourself”.  The musical consisted of five Acts and received great feedback from the guests, teachers and students.  The ceremony was broadcast live online.  It concluded in the thunderous applause of the audience.