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Pui Ching Middle School and Zhuhai City Vocational and Technical College jointly establish Student Research Center2021-12-11

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Pui Ching Middle School and the Zhuhai City Vocational and Technical College jointly established the Student Research Center on December 10.  Fifteen senior high students from Pui Ching participated in the Biology and Medicine Pilot Program yesterday at the Zhuhai campus of Zunyi Medical University.  The event was organized by the Research Center.


In the Biology and Medicine Pilot Program, students learned both theories and anatomical techniques.  The curriculum also offered life education, which taught students to cherish and respect life.  Due to the pandemic, teachers and students had to travel between Zhuhai and Macao daily for classes, but this did not diminish their enthusiasm.  Participation in the program also gave the students a chance to experience the local school life and increase their understanding of the social, economic, and educational developments in the Greater Bay Area.  During the program, five of our students received the Outstanding Participant’s Award.  The award winners are Tsang Ut, Cheng Man Hong, Lei I Lam, Tek Chon Hei, and Hong Si Kei.



Children's symphonic fairy tale "Peter and the Wolf" grandly staged in Zhuhai2021-12-11

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The children’s symphonic fairy tale “Peter and the Wolf” was grandly staged in Zhuhai at the Huafa Zhongyian Grand Theater on December 11.  The musical was orchestrated under the guidance of the Publicity Department of the Liaison Office of the Central People's Government in the Macao S.A.R. and the Zhuhai Municipal Committee of the Communist Party of China; it was organized by the Civil Affairs Bureau of the Hengqin Guangdong-Macao In-Depth Cooperation Zone.  Supporting units for the performance included the Macao Cultural Affairs Bureau, the Macao Education and Youth Development Bureau, the Zhuhai Municipal Bureau of Culture, Broadcasting, Television and Tourism, and the Zhuhai Education Bureau.


Twenty-two students from the primary school choir of our school were invited to participate in the performance, along with left-behind children from rural Hunan, the Hengqin No. 1 Primary School Choir, the Zhuhai No. 1 Middle School Symphony Orchestra, the Zhuhai Youth Orchestra of Huafa Zhongyian Grand Theater, and young actors from the Hunan Acrobatic Troupe.


Vice-Principal Kuok Keng Man, Director Fung Sio Han, and Deputy Director Lok Kim Fung were invited to watch the premiere of the musical. Vice-Principal Kuok Keng Man delivered a speech before the musical performance, introducing our school’s efforts in organizing English charity musicals every year in recent years.  He expressed that this performance would help to broaden students’ horizons and promote exchanges among students in the Hengqin In-Depth Cooperation Zone.


Instructors that provided guidance for our students’ performance included Mr. Ho U Kun, Ms. Tou Sin Iong, and Mr. Leong Chi Lam. 


Live lecture from space inspires students2021-12-09

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Astronauts of the Shenzhou XIII manned spacecraft Zhai Zhi Gang, Wang Ya Ping, and Ye Guang Fu broadcasted a live lecture from space this afternoon to secondary and primary school students around the country.  Pui Ching students Zhang Jing Ping, Un Chong Un, and Hong Ut Chio attended the live video conference at the Macao Science Center.  Senior 1 and Senior 3 students and students of the Astronomy and Meteorology Club watched the live broadcast at school.  The live lecture spread much knowledge about manned spacecrafts and was well received among students.  The conference session had great educational value and piqued student interest in aerospace technology.

Pui Ching fundraises through virtual “Walk for Millions” during Covid-192021-12-09

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The 38th Walk for Millions was held on December 12.  Parents and teachers generously donated a total of MOP$366,386 to the community chest. 


This year’s Walk for Millions was held online.  Teachers, students, and parents are invited to join the virtual walk by scanning the QR code before midnight of December 10.   


Check out the video below for more information on the event:

Students achieve outstanding results in International Mathematical Olympiad 2021-12-06

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Pui Ching students Lai Cheok Lam, Cheong Cheng In, Lam Wang Iok, and Ip Chon Hou achieved outstanding results in the Macao Inter-School Mathematics Competition and entered the finals for the 2021 International Mathematical Olympiad (IMO) as representatives of Macao.  Mr. Lai Cheok Lam, Mr. Cheong Cheng In, and Mr. Lam Wang Iok each won a bronze medal in the IMO, and Mr. Ip Chon Hou won the merit certificate.  Their instructors were Mr. Lao Sio Meng and Mr. Leong Kan Chun.  Congratulations to our award winners!