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Students won First Prize in Beijing Youth Science Creation Competition2019-03-25

The 39th Beijing Youth Science Creation Competition and the 2nd Beijing Youth Makers’ Exposition were held on March 24th and 25th in the University of Chinese Academy of Sciences.  20 teams from 17 countries attended the competition.  3 teams consisting of 7 students from Pui Ching entered for the competition.


In the Science Creation Competition, Senior 1 students Leong Wang Chon and Kuong Sin U worked on the Organic Framework-Derived Catalyst Apparatus and Its Application in Zinc-Air Fuel Cells under the guidance of their instructor Mr. Chan Ka Kong and won the First Prize.  


In the Makers’ Exposition, Senior 2 students Lao Chiu Long and Sin Ka I designed the Automatic Smart Underwater Robot under the guidance of Mr. Lao Kun Wa and won the First Prize and the Exponential Education Special Award.


Junior 3 students Lei In Hei, Sin Ka Chon and Mok Chi Kin also worked under Mr. Lao Kun Wa and they won the Second Prize and the Green Orange Future Maker’s Special Award with their Smart Ark.  They were also invited to give an English speech at the Exhibition and Exchange Activities for Young Talents. 


The competitions gave the student contestants the opportunity to exchange ideas with top talents in the world and learn from the best.