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Students came in as champions and first runners-up in Robofest2019-03-25

Students and teachers from Pui Ching attended the Macao Regional Preliminaries of the Robofest Robotics Competition held by the Robot Institute of Hong Kong.  Pui Ching students came through with flying colors.  Primary students Kuan Man U, Kong Si Nga, Tam Fai Ip, Leong Hou and Wong Pak Hio worked under the guidance of Mr. Un Kuok Chin and won the championship in the Creativity Category.  Primary students Lou Pak Cheng, Lou Lok In, Che Hoi Cheng, and Hoi Sam Peng came in as the first runners-up in the Creativity Category.  Under the guidance of Mr. Un Kuok Chin, Kuan Man U and Leong Hou came in as the second runners-up in the UMC Category.  The student contestants also received art guidance from Mr. Wong Wai Cheong and Ms. Wong Wai I.