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Students clinch championship in innovative science competition 2019-03-28

Pui Ching students won the championship in the Innovation and Continuous Development in Science Competition hosted by Imperial College London. 


After entering the finals as one of the 7 strongest teams, Senior High students Mr. Wu Kuan Choi and Mr. Choi In Chong and their instructor Ms. Cheong Wai Man set out on March 25th for the final competition held in Imperial College London on March 27th


The student contestants were well-prepared for the questions from the judges and impressed the audience with their research, clinching the championship in the competition. 


The success of our students would not have been possible had it not been for the guidance of Professor Xu Guan Nan of the University of Macao and the help of Mr. Chan Ka Kong and Mr. U Ting Pong of Pui Ching Middle School.  Many thanks to the teachers and professor for helping to make a dream come true.