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Primary school graduation ceremony concludes in school anthem2021-07-06

The 2020/2021 Pui Ching Primary School graduation ceremony was held in two sessions at 9:30am and 3:00pm respectively on July 6 in our school assembly hall.  A total of 209 primary school students graduated this year.  Principals, directors, teachers, and parents witnessed this precious moment together.


Principal Kou congratulated the students and encouraged them to keep up with their good work.  2020 and 2021 have witnessed the world’s biggest pandemic, which reminds us that life is constantly changing.  Faced with the many uncertainties and challenges of life, Principal Kou expressed hope that graduates would keep pushing ahead, keep their face to the sunshine, observe the teaching of Christ, serve their country, and become blessings in the lives of others.


Principal Kou presented the primary school graduation certificate to the graduates.  The officiating guests presented the awards and scholarships to outstanding graduates and graduates who excelled in national and international competitions.  Principal Kou and Vice-Principal Kuok also presented long-service awards to teaching and non-teaching staff.


Primary 6D student Ng Weng Sam and Primary 6B student Lei Weng Chon were the valedictorians for the morning and afternoon session of the graduation ceremony.  They thanked the school, teachers, and parents for their love, support and guidance.  The graduation ceremony concluded in the school anthem and the blessings of the loved ones of the graduates.