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Nucleic Acid Amplification Test required for all residents, Pui Ching utilized as a testing center2021-08-04

As per the request of the Education and Youth Development Bureau, as of August 3, 2021, all schools must discontinue activities and courses held at the school and cancel or postpone all field trips.  All schools are prohibited from being open to the public.


Any students and teaching staff who are experiencing a fever, cough or sore throat are required to report to the authorities and the hospital.  Anyone who displays such symptoms is prohibited from returning to school until they have fully recovered.


Starting at 9am on August 4, every resident of Macao must be tested for Covid-19.  Pui Ching is utilized as one of the many testing centers throughout the city.  Residents can make an appointment and get tested at one of the 41 testing centers in Macao within the next three days.