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Students win five championships in Inter-School Table Tennis Singles Competition2022-03-20


The Men’s and Women’s Category A and Category B finals for the 45th Inter-School Table Tennis Singles Competition were held on March 15th.  Pui Ching students won one championship, one second place, and three third places.    Award-winners are as follows:


Men’s Category A:

Second place: Mak Tin Ian

Third place: Wong Iek Kan

Fourth place: Cheong Chon Hin

Fifth place: Lei Tak In


Men’s Category B:

Third place: Ieong Man Cheng

Sixth place: Fok Chin Chong


Women’s Category B:

First place: Lei Kuai Wai

Third place: Chan Si Cheng


The finals for the Men’s and Women’s Category C, D, and E competitions were held on the 20th.  Our students won four championships, six second places, four third places, and two fourth places.  Award-winners are as follows:


Men’s Category C:

Second place: Chan Hin In

Fourth place: Cheong Sio Fong



Women’s Category C:

Championship: Lei Man In

Second place: Cheong Chi Hun

Third place: Tam Man Cheng


Men’s Category D:

Second place: Kuan Io Seng

Third place: Lam Chi Ieong


Women’s Category D:

Championship: Lao Chi Ieng

Second place: Kou Pui Ka

Third place: Leong Hoi Cheng

Fourth place: Choi Ka Ian


Men’s Category E:

Championship: Wan Teng Hou

Second place: Mak Chi Chon

Sixth place: Leong Cheok Nok


Women’s Category E:

Championship: Lo Hoi I

Second place: Cheong Chan Hei

Third place: Leong Lok Ian