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Teachers and students share “Inspiring Stories of Macau’s Youth 2023”2023-05-21

The Industrial and Commercial Bank of China Macau Youth Association, Macau Public Speakers Association, and Macau Pui Ching Middle School jointly organized the event "Inspiring Stories of Macau’s Youth 2023."  The purpose of the event was to spread positivity and encourage young people to overcome adversity and achieve success.

Four young people from various sectors in Macau were invited to share their stories of triumph over hardship.  Through their tales of perseverance and hard work, they aimed to motivate and inspire others to keep going in the trying times. Dr. Kou Kam Fai, principal of Pui Ching Middle School, was among the esteemed guests at the opening ceremony and shared his insights on the importance of uplifting the youth.

One of the young speakers who took center stage was Leong Cheng Long, a Senior 2 student at Pui Ching Middle School. He shared his personal journey and aimed to spread positive energy to inspire others.  His speech was met with thunderous applause, leaving a lasting impression on the audience.

The program is set to air on TDM and various online platforms. Stay tuned for this uplifting event showcasing the strength and tenacity of Macau's youth.