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STEM Summit Forum discusses innovative education2018-09-29

The 2018 STEM and Technological Innovation Education International Summit Forum opened the day before yesterday. The forum aims to promote STEM education and curriculum reform.


The opening ceremony was held at 9:30 on September 27th at the assembly hall of Pui Ching Middle School.  Director Chui Sai Ping of the Macao University of Science and Technology commended Pui Ching for promoting science literacy among youths and expressed hope that the university will work with Pui Ching in the future to create a platform for academic exchange.


Principal Kou Kam Fai pointed out that STEM has been incorporated into the school’s regular curriculum since 2012 and that the school will continue to focus on whole person education and innovation in education.


Vice Chief Secretary Zheng Si Chen of the China Welfare Society Children’s Palace commended Pui Ching for the excellent results its students achieved the previous year in the National Youth STEAM Innovation Exhibition and Exchange Activities. She also expressed gratitude for the amazing turnout among Pui Ching students in this year’s event. She believes that the current forum is conducive to the promotion of STEM education.


The current forum was held in Zhuhai and Macao for two days. The theme was New Angle, New Practice, New Brand.  The Macao forum featured reports on special topics, class observation, class discussion and workshops.  Over 100 specialists shared their research results, research progress, thoughts and experience on STEM.


The success of the forum relied on the cooperation of various fields and will be crucial to the promotion of STEM education in the future.