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Students clinch 14 golds in Macao Inter-School Swimming Competition2022-03-13

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The 45th Macao Inter-School Swimming Competition was held on Saturday, March 12.  Our young athletes won 14 gold medals, 9 silver medals, and 7 bronze medals, breaking three records in the competition.  The athletes will be participating in the next competition in May.


The Inter-School Swimming Competition attracted 540 contestants from 38 schools this year.  Due to the pandemic, the competition was postponed to March 12, but our contestants did not lose their zeal.  Congratulations to our many award winners!

Students come through with flying colors in writing competition hosted by Macao Post and Telecommunications Bureau 2022-03-06

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The 26th “Letter to Santa” Writing Competition hosted by the Macao Post and Telecommunications Bureau had its awards ceremony on March 1.  Our students actively participated in the competition and came through with flying colors.


Primary 3 student Kong Ai Lam won the first place in Group A of the Chinese Category and recited her work at the awards ceremony.  Her instructor was Ms. Leong I Teng.


Other award winners are as follows:


Winners of Merit Award (Group A):

Choi Chi Cheng (Primary 3) (Instructor: Chang Pek Fan)

Lam Chin U (Primary 3) (Instructor: Leong I Teng)

U Lok Chon (Primary 4) (Instructor: Tong Wai)


Winner of Merit Award (Group B):

Lam Ian Cheng (Primary 6) (Instructor: Cheong Weng In)



Students break records and clinch championships in Inter-School Track and Field Competition 2022-03-05

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The 45th Inter-School Track and Field Competition commenced today.  Junior 3C student Lei Pui In broke the record with a jump of 1.57 meters in the Women’s Category B High Jump and won the championship.  Junior 3F student Ip Chin Lam won the fifth place.  Her instructor was Mr. Wong Chi Wai. 


Four students ascended the podium at the stadium the next day.  Junior 2C student U Lap Ian won the championship in the Men’s Category C shot put.  Primary 5C student Ip Si Kei won the championship in the Women’s Category D 60-meter race.  Senior 3D student Lei Hei In came in as the second runner-up in the Women’s Category A High Jump.  Primary 3D student Ng Tang Hei won the fifth place in the Men’s Category E 50-meter race. 


On the last day of the sports meet, six students won the third place in the Men’s Category C 4x100-meter relay, including Cheng Chit, Kuong Chi Hin, Ho Seng Long, Chang Chi In, Ng Iek Hin, and Si Hoi Chon.

Students win three gold medals in Macao Junior and Cadet Fencing Championships2022-03-01

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The Pui Ching Secondary School Fencing Team participated in the 2022 Macao Junior and Cadet Fencing Championships.  Our young athletes came through with flying colors.


Men’s Epee (Junior Category):

Champion: Tin Chi Kit (Senior 3C)

First runner-up: Lam Chi Chon (Alumnus)

Second runner-up: Nga Leong Keng (Senior 3C)


Men’s Epee (Cadet Category):

Champion: Tai Wang Chon (Senior 2E)

First runner-up: Iong Chak Chong (Senior 1A)

Second runner-up: Song Ka Weng (Senior 2B)


Men’s Foil (Mixed Category):

First runner-up: Choi Iek Tong (Senior 3C)


Women’s Foil (Cadet Category):

Second runner-up: Lam Chi U (Junior 1C)


Women’s Epee (Mixed Category):

Champion: Lo Cheok Ian (Senior 3D)

Second runner-up: Chan An In (Senior 3C)

Pediatrician gives talk calling for early vaccination2022-02-26

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As Omicron cases surge, in order to promote understanding of the disease and its associated risks, Pui Ching held a talk today at the school assembly hall on the risks of Omicron for children and benefits of early vaccination.  150 parents attended the talk given by Dr. Ieong Weng San, Director of the Macau Pediatric Society.  Dr. Ieong patiently addressed the parents’ questions about vaccination after the talk and Principal Kou expressed that the school would arrange for students to get vaccinated at the school after the Term 2 examination period. 


For more information on vaccination, please contact our school clinic at 28529333 (ext. 135 or ext. 139).