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University direct admission rate reaches new high2020-01-15

In recent years, the National Ministry of Education has significantly raised the percentage of Macau secondary school graduates admissible to Mainland universities through direct admission.  It has also increased the number of fields of study and regions open to students admitted through direct admission, giving graduates more opportunities to enter prestigious universities in the Mainland. 


Pui Ching attaches great importance to the opportunities for university admission in the Mainland. In order to support the development of the country and give students more choices for further studies, before the application period opened for direct admission, the school informed graduating students of the relevant policies and encouraged interested students who met the admission requirements to apply for their subjects of interest.  In addition, alumni studying in the Mainland were invited to return to school to share their university experience so that students can better understand the advantages of studying in the Mainland. This year, a total of 89 Pui Ching students applied for direct admission to universities in the Mainland and nearly 94% have been accepted into prestigious universities, making it a record high compared to previous years.


Pui Ching held a sharing session this morning for students who received offers from Mainland universities. Principal Kou congratulated them on their achievements and encouraged them to cherish the hard-earned opportunity and continue to work hard.


At the sharing session, Pui Ching alumnus Ms. Chao Ut Fai from Tsinghua University, Mr. Wong Chon Ioi from Fudan University, and Ms. Ip Cheng I from Shanghai University of Finance and Economics shared their university experience with the graduating students.  They pointed out the importance of self-discipline, planning and school-life balance in university and encouraged the prospective students that hard work and persistence always pay off.