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Classes postponed due to epidemic 2020-02-04


In response to changes in the situation of the epidemic caused by the Novel Coronavirus, the Macao Special Administrative Region Government once again urged residents to stay home and within Macao as much as possible to reduce the chance of infection.

The school once again stresses that it is not a holiday now. Students should stay home and study according to school requirements. The school launched a Self-Learning Scheme during School Suspension on February 3.  Students learn at home according to schedule, and teachers teach and provide guidance from home. Everyone is reminded to refrain from traveling during this time.

We hope that all teachers and students stay safe and play their part in preventing the spread of the epidemic.



In response to the continued outbreak of the Novel Coronavirus, the Education and Youth Affairs Bureau has announced that school resumption for primary, secondary and early education be postponed after the Chinese New Year holiday.  All extra-curricular activities are suspended during this time.  The school’s cultural festival, alumni dinner and Chinese New Year celebration have been canceled.


Parents and students should pay attention to messages sent by the school through eClass and other communication platforms and are reminded to sign the student health declaration forms.


 The epidemic is expected to continue for some time.  Teachers will be teaching through eClass and other online platforms.  Students should stay home and study according to the study plan proposed by their subject teachers.

The school has launched a special grant to help families affected by the Novel Coronavirus epidemic and help students successfully complete their studies. If students encounter any problems during the epidemic, they can contact their class advisor, the Moral Education Department, or the Macau YMCA.  Please find the details in the e-notice.

Authorities urge that students pay attention to personal hygiene, avoid traveling outside of Macao, and contribute their part to preventing the spread of the epidemic.