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Pui Ching discusses innovative education in 2020 China Education Symposium2020-04-19

Principal Kou Kam Fai was invited to the 2020 China Education Symposium and gave a speech on STEM and Innovative Education. He also answered questions from fellow participants and shared his insights on the subject.  The event attracted a 3,000-member audience.


Founded in 2010, the annual symposium is one of the most well-established and well-known events on China education among North American colleges and universities. The symposium aims to gather education practitioners, academics, policymakers and people from all walks of life, promote discussions about education, and present progress in the field.  This year marks the 11th forum.  Due to the global epidemic caused by the novel coronavirus, the symposium this year was held online from April 18 to 20, Beijing time, at the same time as the east coast of the U.S. 


The theme of this forum is "Breaking Barriers: An In-depth Dialogue—Opportunities and Prospects of Education in China". There are eight themed activities and three special events. Thirty-seven scholars and practitioners in the education industry from China and abroad are invited to share their experience in education. In the area of STEM and innovative education, scholars engaged in discussions on two topics: "Innovations in Education" and "The Support of Leading Technologies".  Principal Kou Kam Fai delivered a speech on "STEM Opens Doors for Talents in the New Era of Education: The Experience of Macau Pui Ching Middle School”.  He analyzed current views on talent from a macro-perspective and expounded on the role of formative education in the cultivation of talents.  Principal Kou shared how Pui Ching fosters talents who are versed in traditional Chinese culture and innovative technology through moral education, the school’s regular curriculum and extra-curricular activities.  Principal Kou also shared the founding philosophy of Pui Ching, its development and the outcomes of its curriculum reforms.


Speakers at the symposium discussed STEM and innovative education in China and the U.S. as well as its integration with a traditional, full-time school model.  They also engaged in exchanges over the status quo of education in China, curriculum design, professional development, operational management, quality assessment and the future of education.  Principal Kou expressed that the significance of the symposium is two-fold: it allowed Pui Ching to showcase the development of Macau’s innovative education and gave Pui Ching the opportunity to bring back invaluable experience from other schools and countries.  The use of technology in teaching during the epidemic also served as an important lesson on teaching beyond the barriers of the classroom.