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Pui Ching thanks all circles for donating epidemic resources2020-04-28

Kind-hearted people from all walks of life have been donating epidemic resources to Pui Ching, such as facemasks and sanitizers. 


Chairman of the Macao Pui Ching Alumni Association General Assembly Mr. Mok Chi Wai, Chairman of the Board of Directors Mr. Wong Hon Kin, Assembly Supervisor Ms. Wong Mou Cheng and the vice-presidents of the assembly visited the school yesterday to make donations to the school. The alumni association also called on alumni to support their alma mater in whatever ways they can.  The school introduced its preparations for school resumption.  During the school suspension period, teachers at Pui Ching designed online curricula and engaged in various teaching activities.  At the same time, the school held various online conferences to stay in touch with teachers to keep track of student progress and made thorough discussions on assessment methods. 


The school strengthened its various sanitary facilities, installing additional wash basins and improving washroom facilities, and conducted exercises for the resumption of school.  The school also set up a bursary for students whose families are affected by the epidemic.


Principal Kou thanked all sectors of society for their support.  During the epidemic, Pui Ching received many donations from alumni, parents and various organizations.  Many thanks to everyone for their generosity!