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Students win Gold Award at Robocup@Home Education 2020-06-29

Due to the pandemic, Robocup@Home Education 2020 came in the form of an online challenge. After the first round of technical review, our school team won the qualification to participate in the challenge.  The online challenge was held from June 25 to 28, 2020.  Teams came from around the world, showcasing home service robot technologies and their applications, including image recognition, voice control, indoor navigation, automatic obstacle avoidance, etc.

Our school team’s invention employs humanoid identification and tracking functions to enable robots to follow the elderly in their daily walks; it also assists the elderly with heavy objects, reminds them to bring their personal belongings, and helps to monitor their health conditions and seek help when necessary.     

The team also wishes to take this opportunity to promote the development of home service robots.  It is hoped that image recognition can help to integrate robots into our daily lives and enable robots to better understand their surroundings. 

The student inventors won the Open Platform Junior Category Gold Award in the competition.  The award winners included Senior 1 students Mok Chi Kin, Lei In Hei and Sin Ka Chon and Junior 2 student Leong Chi Io.  Below is the link to the students’ demonstration film: