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Junior High Graduation Ceremony concludes in school anthem2021-07-12

In accordance with regulations of the Health Bureau, the Pui Ching Junior High Graduation Ceremony was held in two sessions at 9:30am and 3:00pm on July 12 in the school assembly hall.  A total of 256 students graduated.  Principals, directors, teachers, and parents together bore witness to this precious moment.


Principal Kou expressed that 2020 was a year of challenges and blessings.  Thanks to the support of the government and the school management, we faced the pandemic together.  Principal Kou told the graduates about the school’s ten years of curriculum reform dedicated to providing diversified and personalized education to all.  He applauded the graduates for their many accomplishments in international competitions and encouraged them to face up to every challenge in their future studies. 


Principal Kou mentioned that in senior high, students will be open to diverse courses and activities and have the opportunity to visit universities and different organizations.  Students will also have the chance to develop their financial skills, explore history, apply artificial intelligence to real life problems, and apply 5G networks to their learning.


Subsequently, Principal Kou presented the graduation certificate to the junior high graduates.  The officiating guests presented awards and scholarships to the outstanding graduates and graduates who had outstanding achievements in national and international competitions. 


S3D student Fong Hoi Io and S3B student Leong Cheng Long respectively gave their graduation speech as the valedictorian in the morning and afternoon session of the graduation ceremony.  They extended their gratitude to the government, different sectors of society, teachers, parents, and their classmates for their support. 


The graduation ceremony concluded in the school anthem and the blessings of Pastor Au Yeung.