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Pui Ching becomes sister schools with Yung Wing School of Zhuhai2021-12-16

Pui Ching Middle School and Yung Wing School of Zhuhai became sister schools yesterday. Principal Kou Kam Fai of Pui Ching Middle School and Principal Li Dong Ping of Yung Wing School signed the contract at Pui Ching Middle School yesterday morning.  The two schools are dedicated to promoting education cooperation between Guangdong and Macao, enhancing curriculum research, and fostering talents.


After the contract signing ceremony, the two schools exchanged ideas on their education philosophy, mission, vision, purpose, and curriculum features.  Director Fan Mei Va of the English Department, Deputy Director Ng Hong Chao of the English Department, Director Lao Kun Wa of the Department of Innovative Technology, Primary School Academic Affairs Director’s Assistant Ms. Chong Wai Leng, and Primary School Deputy Director Leong Mei Nong of the English Department each introduced the development and success experience of their department in recent years.


Representatives of Yung Wing School observed some of our teachers’ lessons and were given a tour of our school, including the China Culture House, Innovative Science Education Center, the Lego Room, and the library.  Our guests were impressed by our education philosophy, the cultural atmosphere of our school, our individualized curricula, as well as our innovative technology curriculum and learning outcomes.