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Students win championship in the Constitution and Basic Law Promotion Competition2022-04-20

The 2021 Constitution and Basic Law Promotion Competition was organized by the Education and Youth Development Bureau, the Macau Basic Law Promotion Association, the Macao S.A.R. Legal Affairs Bureau, and the Department of Municipal Affairs. 


Over 40 teams of contestants entered for the competition.  Two teams of students from Pui Ching Middle School participated in the event.  Team A (Our Country and Our Law) consisted of Senior 1 students Si Chou Chon, Wong Cheng Hei, Lao Chi Kuan, Ieong Cheok Ieng, and Cheong Wan Hei.  With the highest score, Team A won the championship.  Their instructors were Director Lao Wai Man, Ms. Hoi Mui Teng, and Ms. Ma Ka Lai. 


Team B (Legal Pioneers) consisted of Wu Un Cho, Cheng Keng, Leong Cheng Long, Chio Chi Lok, and Ng I Chon.  Our Legal Pioneers won the second place in the competition.  Their instructor was Ms. Ng Wai Lei.